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Mission, Vision & Values



Our Mission statement defines our ambition and where we want to go – you may call it the basis of what we are here for.

To maintain our core services & quality values as an independent and leading provider of Engineered Marine Transport. We will continue to strengthen our presence in the international oil+gas and renewables markets and create the biggest, most versatile and most admired fleet of >900t lifting capacity heavy lift vessels in the world.


Our Vision statement defines what we are aiming for as a company – you may call it the leading star for all of us – what we want to achieve.

For SAL Heavy Lift to become the industry reference for diversified Marine Transport and Engineering & To make SAL a happy and inspirational place to work and a seat of knowledge and education. 


Our Values define what we believe in as a company and as employees. It is our fundamental belief that guides us to realize our vision.

Safety is our highest priority and may never be compromised.
We focus on the environment in all of our business activities, both onshore and offshore.
We always comply with laws and regulations and work to serve our clients and stakeholders.
We are a reliable partner in all aspects of our business — being trustworthy is paramount for us.
We proactively explore new territory to benefit both our clients and our company.
We strive to be best-in-class and are proud to put our name to what we do.