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Dynamic Positioning

A vessel’s position is maintained even if an active component or system should malfunction. Dynamic positioning involves a computer system that automatically maintains the vessel’s position and heading by appropriately controlling its own propellers and thrusters.

The computer system receives information on the vessel's position and the magnitude and direction of environmental forces affecting it from a variety of position reference sensors, wind sensors, motion sensors and gyro compasses.

Main advantages of dynamic positioning:

  • The vessel is fully self-propelled and requires no tugs at any stage
  • Quick and easy set-up on location
  • Outstanding manoeuvrability
  • Rapid responses to changes in the weather (weather vane)
  • Rapid responses to changes in the operation’s requirements
  • Ability to work in water of any depth
  • Ability to complete short tasks more quickly and cost-effectively
  • No risk of mooring lines or anchors damaging seabed hardware

MV Lone – DP Class II

MV Lone is equipped with a Kongsberg K-Pos DP-21 dual redundant DP system featuring:

  • DPS 232 DGPS
  • DPS 122 DGPS
  • Lightweight taut wire
  • RADius 1000
  • HiPAP 501

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Type 183 / DP 2 Flyer

pdf (3 MB)

Type 183 / DP 2 Flyer