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SAL Safety Values

– Published for vessels’ crew, contractors and visitors –

SAL Heavy Lift is committed to the prevention of all incidents, injuries, occupational illnesses to our employees and contractors. Therefore we have implemented these SAL Safety Values. The Management of SAL Heavy Lift fully supports these values which are the foundation of the Company Management System to enhance and improve safety within the fleet. These SAL Safety Values will apply to all persons while on-board our vessels.

The Safety Values are not new values. They have been picked out because they target activities where failure to comply with the Values has the highest potential for serious injury or death.
Having the same 8 Safety Values across SAL Heavy Lift is a powerful way of ensuring a consistent culture of compliance. Compliance is mandatory for everyone while on-board.
Failure to comply with any Safety Value, or encouraging or tolerating Value-breaking, will result in disciplinary action. We must still comply with all other safety rules. If any national law requires an even higher level of compliance we meet that national requirement.

1 – Work Permit

Work with a valid Work Permit when required

2 – confined space

Obtain authorisation before entering a confined space and conduct atmospheric tests when required

3 – Isolation

Verify isolation before work begins

4 – Fall Protection

Protect yourself against a fall when working at height

5 – Suspended Loads

Do not work or walk under a suspended load

6 – Alcohol, drugs

No alcohol or drugs while working

7 – Personal Protective Equipment

Do not access vessels and perform work without wearing general or task-specific personal protective equipment

8 – correct Tools

Use the correct tool to carry out the job which is fit for its intended purpose


Management System Certification ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 (DNV)

pdf (252 kb)

Environmental Passport Design (DNV)

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HMS Award - KEP 2005

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HMS Award - KEP 2005