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IMO 2020 – low Sulphur regulation

9 July 2019 | Hamburg

– Letter to Shippers –

Implications of and response to new fuel regulations in the shipping industry

Dear Shipper / Valued Client,

On 1st January 2020 all of us involved in the shipping industry will be part of the biggest single change ever to confront us – the introduction of IMO 2020 – The Sulphur Cap.

The aim of this new regulation is to reduce the amount of Sulphur oxide (SOx) released into the atmosphere which will bring health benefits to all of us. All ships in the world are affected, no matter the ship type, and all Carriers will have to comply.

So, what are the choices?
To meet the SOx cap Carriers – outside of the already established ECA areas – have 2 options:

  1. Use a low Sulphur fuel containing max 0.5% Sulphur – MGO / LSFO / ULSFO
  2. Install a scrubber on board washing out the Sulphur content but allowing continuing use of high Sulphur HFO

How do we evaluate the choices?
Scrubbers are expensive but enable the Carrier to continue using HFO just as they always have. But, scrubbers – as well as requiring additional energy to operate them – produce a physical toxic by-product that must be collected on board and then disposed of either at sea or at a cost, in port. Disposing at sea simply shifts the polluting chemicals from the air to the sea. Disposal on land could mean either burning it or landfill. Either way, the benefits of on-board SOx reductions are quickly offset by the production of another more concentrated pollutant.
Consuming low Sulphur fuel is more expensive than HFO, but emissions are immediately compliant and there is no toxic by-product.

So, what will be SAL’s response?
At SAL, we have been considering both options very carefully. The Scrubber option may offer you – the Shipper – a short term commercial benefit but will do little to reduce pollution and waste. Low Sulphur fuels will be more expensive but will also more readily fulfil the objective of lowering our impact on the environment.

This is why at SAL we have decided to adopt the low Sulphur fuel option and will start the transition process from 1st October 2019 in order that by 1st Jan 2020 all our ships will be fully compliant.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and we look forward to building a sustainable future together.

With kind regards,
Justin Archard

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SAL Heavy Lift fly high with new crane extension – the Fly-Jib

June 2019 | Hamburg

“The sky is the limit” – SAL Heavy Lift is ready to reach further and lift higher with its latest acquisition – a highly configurable crane boom extension that with its modular design offer clients unrivalled lifting height and applicability. The so-called Fly-Jib is designed for the cranes of SAL’s Type 183 vessels (MV Lone & MV Svenja) and can be installed to each of their main cranes’ booms.

MV Lone is the first vessel in the SAL fleet to proudly carry this exciting new piece of equipment.

Sheer excitement was present when SAL witnessed its latest and greatest tool investment – the Fly-Jib – being mounted on to the aft crane of its mighty heavy lift vessel MV Lone. The new Fly-Jib which makes the crane hook towering some 70m high up in the air is a significant step forward for SAL in its heavy lift offering to clients in both offshore renewables and oil & gas markets.

With the much greater lifting height and further outreach, SAL’s new Fly-Jib can meet clients demands when units become ever bigger and where one faces requirements to lift long components vertically – e.g. with offshore wind equipment. A challenge SAL faces just now with an offshore piling project.

Sune Thorleifsson, Head of Marine Projects, SAL states; “Our Fly-Jib has long been on our wish list, but when a client recently approached us with the requirement to support on driving piles into the seabed for an offshore wind project, and the piles be-ing so long that it was otherwise not possible to upend them for installation, we saw the opportunity to realise this long term dream”. 

SAL Heavy Lift’s sister company SAL Engineering has worked intensively with crane maker TTS-NMF to design and develop a Fly-Jib that can suit a wide array of scopes, hence a dismountable and modular design was conceived.

Karsten Behrens, Director, SAL Engineering explains; We worked for a long time on various designs together with TTS-NMF – the manufacturer of the cranes on our Type 183 vessels. It was essential that in addition to strong lifting capabilities, that it could be configurable in various modes hence adding to its applicability in various working scopes. Therefore, the Fly-Jib can be configured in a long (23m) or a short (13m) set-up and is adjustable in three different angles. It is designed to be interchangeable be-tween our Type 183 vessels and can, with modifications to the existing jib, be in-stalled on each of the cranes”.

The Fly-Jib is designed to withstand the forces occurring during a sea voyage and can be installed using only the vessels existing cranes.

Sebastian Westphal, Corporate Director – Ship Management & Engineering adds; “It has been a significant achievement from the entire team behind, from design to manufacturing and then later to installation during a project’s vessel mobilization. It is great to see now that the concept works so well in reality and that the installation procedure of mounting the Fly-Jib onto the existing crane boom proceeded quickly and with no compromise on quality – it is no small thing that you attach. The lifting capabilities the vessel gains with it are tremendous. It will be used many times in the months to come during an offshore wind project and certainly in a number of projects thereafter.”

For work with offshore wind equipment or within oil & gas, SAL can with their new Fly-Jib support a wide array of assignments.  Now equipped on the DPII vessel MV Lone with her two 1000 t SWL cranes, large open deck, a cavernous cargo hold, SPS certification and an unrivalled speed of up to 20kts proves as a powerful and very versatile package to meet the demands of some of the most extreme challenges in the industry today.

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Buongiorno! SAL Heavy Lift, Italy

SAL Heavy Lift and Intermare Group Create – SAL Heavy Lift, Italy

30 April 2019

SAL Heavy Lift GmbH and Genoa based Intermare Group is very happy to announce the appointment of SAL Heavy Lift, Italy as the official representative for SAL in the Italian market.

Commencing 1st of May 2019, SAL Heavy Lift, Italy will open its doors to existing and new clients and will be greeted by the familiar faces of Mr. Marco Campodonico, Mr. Mauro Morasso, and Mr. Paolo Boccoleri who with more than 75 years of experience between them are the perfect people to extend even further the presence and reputation of SAL in Italy.

Giorgio Morasso, President of Intermare Group, says: “It is our honor in helping SAL Heavy Lift, Italy come to life. SAL has been part of our family and our company for a great many years. We know each other well and we trust each other, and by making this step together we join our family with the SAL family and we look forward to a long and successful future together."

SAL has also recently successfully established a similar entity in Spain that together with Italy offers shippers a focal point that clearly profiles the brand and the service that it represents in the local market.

Justin Archard, Chief Operating Officer of SAL Heavy Lift, adds: “Following on from establishing our Spanish entity SAL Heavy Lift, Spain it became quickly apparent that the format was more in demand than we realised. Italy was a logical next step and because we have shared so much over the years with Intermare and the Morasso family, and because there is a mutual respect, the choice was an easy one to make. I wish SAL Heavy Lift, Italy every success."
SAL Heavy Lift, Italy will reside in Genoa, Italy.

Contact information:
SAL Heavy Lift, Italy Paganini 39/2
16125 Genoa

Tel. +39 01024951

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SAL Heavy Lift, Spain opens its doors

SAL Heavy Lift and Davila Group come together to establish SAL Heavy Lift, Spain

1 April 2019

SAL Heavy Lift GmbH is proud to announce that together with its Spanish business partner Grupo Davila (Davila Group), a new entity has been formed to represent SAL in the Spanish market. As of 1 April 2019, SAL Heavy Lift, Spain will open its doors to Spanish clients.

In charge will be Sr. Carlos Claramunt Lebrón – a familiar name to many, who brings 15 years of commercial and technical experience in the maritime industry to the role.

Eduardo Davila, President of Davila Group, says: “I am honored to have SAL as a close business partner and to be able to present SAL Heavy Lift, Spain to the Spanish market. We share the same passion for shipping and both companies represents the best of shipping within our respective fields. I am confident that with the closer ties we are creating between us, we will provide the best possible service to our clients wherever they are in Spain.”

The concept is a new one to both SAL and Davila. It takes the most relevant elements of each company to create a dedicated and client focused service offering in the local market.

Justin Archard, Chief Operating Officer of SAL Heavy Lift, explains: “With Davila Group, we saw the right partner to advance this concept. We have worked with the Davila Group and family for a long time, and the timing and opportunity for this step suited us both. Davila has been a significant part of the Spanish shipping industry for more than 100 years and I have no doubt that we have the best possible partner to help develop the SAL brand in the Spanish market.”

Carlos Claramunt Lebrón:
15 years of experience within the maritime sector, 5 years in heavy lift shipping. A qualified Naval Architect. Carlos can connect sales and marketing with deep technical knowledge and understanding. SAL Heavy Lift, Spain will reside in Madrid.

Contact information:
SAL Heavy Lift, Spain
Paseo de la Castellana 8, 28046 Madrid, Spain
Tel. +34 914 361977

About Grupo Davila
The Davila Group is a family owned company whose origins date back to its parent company Joaquin Davila & Cia, which was founded in 1917. The Davila Group is a Spanish based company with more than 100 years of experience in the Spanish maritime sector, and with a strong international presence in South America.
The Group’s main services include amongst others: a network of agencies dedicated to the representation of tramp and liner vessels, the managing and development of container and reefer terminals, reparation and maintenance of dry and reefer containers,
project cargo and container forwarding focused in all the different areas of the supply chain, customs agents with special focus in perishable cargo, mega yacht management and brokerage and their own Marina located in Vigo which includes one of the best known restaurants in the city.
The key of the Group’s success resides in its qualified team of professionals and a personalized service to fit customer’s needs.

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SAL Heavy Lift delivers bridge sections from China to Norway

January 2019 | Nantong, China – Malm, Norway

SAL Heavy Lift delivers 12 bridge sections for the Beitstadsundbrua bridge from China to Norway. The final bridge is part of the largest road construction project in northern Trøndelag, will measure 580 m in length and will connect the municipalities of Steinkjer and Malm, crossing the Beitstadfjorden. The bridge will make travelling between northern parts of Trøndelag county considerably safer as well as reduce travelling time significantly.


In a mountainous country like Norway, which is cut apart by deep fjords, bridge building is a virtue of necessity. Today there are over 18,000 bridges, summing up to 446 km and each with an average length of 250 m, spread across Norway. The latest addition will be the 580 m long “Beitstadsundbrua”.
Connecting the municipalities of Steinkjer and Malm, whilst crossing the Beitstadfjorden, the Beitstadsundbrua will not only be longer than the average bridge in Norway, but also ensure increased road safety and accessibility. All whilst helping locals to cut down travel times and benefiting the local economy and environment.

“The new County Road (FV 17 and 720) including Beitstadsundet Bridge, will eliminate the distance challenges the region has. The new road and bridge significant increases the municipality of Verran’s opportunities to further develop existing industries and attract new industry. The municipality is now, due to the new road and bridge, in dialogue with industrial companies exploiting establishment of industry in Verran”, states Jacob Almlid, Special Advisor Industry & Commerce at Verran Kommune.

SAL’s heavy lift vessel MV Trina (Type 176) was appointed to support the construction of the new bridge by shipping twelve bridge sections from Nantong, China to Malm, Norway. All twelve sections weigh a total of 2800 t, with the heaviest unit weighing 426 t (73.8 x 9 x 5.8 m) and the longest unit measuring 75 x 5.9 x 5.8 m (327 t).

With a total of four single lifts and eight tandem lifts, the SAL experts were able to stow all twelve bridge sections in two layers under deck, and another layer on deck of the vessel.

“It only took us 35 days to directly sail to Malm from Nantong in China,” Sune Thorleifsson, Head of Projects at SAL explains, “despite the unique conditions in the port of Malm, with an only 20 metre wide jetty and two metres tidal range, it took just six days until we were able to successfully and smoothly deliver 20,668 cbm of cargo to our client.” Due to local port regulations all twelve bridge sections were directly discharged onto SPMT’s, 25 metres away from alongside the vessel. A tailor-made mooring arrangement contributed to the success of the discharging operations.

“During the period of discharge of the bridge segments to the Beitstadsundet Bridge, onto SPMT's for transport to Fosdalen-Industrier AS's assembly site, we experienced a good and professional collaboration with SAL”, says Terje Skjevik, Owner & CEO of Fosdalen-Industrier AS, “we are very satisfied with the overall performance, on HSE, on technical and on schedule. All parties knew the challenging environment for the discharge, in spite of these challenges the operation and collaboration was excellent.”

Thanks to the detailed preparation work, which was done in close cooperation between SAL and their general agent in Norway Messers. Alex Birger Grieg AS, the last bridge section was successfully discharged early January 2019. Installation works are planned to start around Easter. The entire road building project, which involves building new and improved roads between the towns of Sprova, Malm and Dyrstad will be finished and open to public by the end of 2019.

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SAL completes Horns Rev 3 project

November 2018 | Aalborg, Denmark / Vlissingen, The Netherlands – Esbjerg, Denmark

MV Lone has successfully delivered 49 TP’s of 530 tons each to the Horns Rev 3 project. Due to the exceptional height of the TP’s – 32.27 metres –, a tailor-made TP lifting tool had to be designed by SAL Engineering to replace the usual crane hook.

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SAL Heavy Lift repeats success by signing Horns Rev 3 shipments

13 June 2018 | Hamburg, Germany

SAL Heavy Lift repeats success by signing contract for shipment of a total of 49 transition pieces for the Horns Rev 3 Offshore Wind Farm. The contract has been signed with GeoSea NV, and underlines SAL’s performance and significant track record in the technical heavy lift transport market for complex offshore wind projects.

Once again, SAL Heavy Lift is proud to announce another success in the offshore wind project market, by signing the contract for transporting 49 transition pieces (TPs) for the Horns Rev 3 project. The assignment compiles transportation of TPs from fabrication yards in Aalborg, Denmark and Vlissingen, Netherlands to the project port of Esbjerg in Denmark. SAL’s ability to meet a very demanding project schedule made the decisive factor for GeoSea. Within a very short time, SAL must prepare a full HSSE and Quality plan, create the technical design and finalize the engineering work, execute procurement as well as fabrication of five TP grillages and one lifting tool and get the vessel ready to load the first units.

Philip Stackmann, Project Manager – SAL, explains: “We are proud that GeoSea placed their trust in us for this time-critical project. Looking at a tight time schedule, we draw on past experience and expertise to ensure a safe and successful project. With our ready-made designs for TP grillages and TP lifting tools, which can be modified to the specific needs of our clients, it was possible to meet the demanding requirements of our client.”

GeoSea NV awarded SAL the job, following the contracting of the ongoing Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm project which SAL also undertake for the Belgian marine engineering house.

Justin Archard, Corporate Director – Commercial, states: “Being trusted as business partner for such an important project by GeoSea (DEME Group), shows that SAL is a state of the art technical heavy lift carrier, and adds to our successful track record in this business segment. I am proud that GeoSea chose to contract SAL again.”

This project follows an already extensive list of similar projects that SAL Heavy Lift has executed for construction companies within the offshore wind industry. Starting with the transportation of 68 transition pieces (TPs) to the Veja Mate offshore wind farm in the summer of 2016, following a long engagement transporting 87 monopiles (MPs) and TPs for the Walney Extension offshore wind farm into mid-2017, up to the recent transport of 174 MPs and 68 TPs for Hornsea Project One shows a significant track record in this business segment. Now SAL’s MV Lone will conduct the TP transport for Horns Rev 3.

Each of the 49 TPs measures 32.27 metres in height, has a dimension of 7.12 metres and has a unit weight of 530 tons. The project will start early July and run for a period of approximately 65 days.

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Hornsea One – Building on a good foundation

174 monopiles and 68 transition pieces for North Sea wind park

January/February 2018 | Germany/Denmark – UK

With the transport of 174 monopiles and 68 transition pieces for the Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm, one of the largest (greenfield) offshore wind farm development in the world, SAL continues the strong track record as technical heavy lift transport supplier to complex offshore wind projects.

SAL’s MV Svenja transports the foundations from fabrication yards in Rostock (Germany) as well as Aalborg (Denmark) to the feeder port in Tees (United Kingdom). Part of the scope is also direct transshipments to GeoSeas installation vessels MV Innovation and MV Sea Installation which adds another technical element to the project execution.
Due to the extraordinary high weight of the MPs, the SAL Engineering team developed a modified seafastening and implemented special lifting equipment from former projects. This highlights the flexibility and sustainable planning of our services to cope with the future requirements in the offshore wind market.
The MPs are resting in special designed saddles while being transported horizontally. A challenge to overcome is the flow of shipments between TPs and MPs, which will change along with the installation sequence of the foundations. This means that MV Svenja will have to rapidly change transport setup between vertical and horizontal shipments of units. Time is essential, but SAL has already shown its capabilities for meeting such a project scope.

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SAL Africa Service to Commence 1 April 2018

26 March 2018 | Hamburg, Germany

SAL Heavy Lift announces a brand new regular service linking West, South and East Africa with North Europe, the Arabian Gulf and Indian sub-Continent.

SAL Heavy Lift is pleased to announce a new regular Africa service in response to the quickly developing oil and gas, refining and transport infrastructure sectors, particularly in West Africa.
Scheduled to provide clients a minimum of two sailings per month in each direction via The Cape of Good Hope, SAL’s famous service quality will now reach even further and offer clients even more options including calls to either North/South America or Australia on inducement.
SAL views a regular Africa service as a logical extension of its existing regular North Europe to Far East service (via Suez) which has been providing clients with high quality engineered shipping services for over 35 years.
Jürgen Kuntz, Head of the Africa Chartering Desk at SAL says of the move: “At SAL our reputation for strong, reliable and effective solutions is well-established. We have considerable knowledge of African operations and excellent partners across the Continent and we hope to build on this with our new venture; not only by offering shipping services but as well providing logistics capabilities and technical, on-site support and consultancy through our sister company, SAL Engineering.”

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RollDock and SAL Heavy Lift form world’s first Pool for Dock vessels

12 February 2018 | Hamburg/Rotterdam

As of April 1st 2018 the world’s first pool for dock vessels will be established. RollDock and SAL Heavy Lift will join forces for Roll-On / Roll-Off and Float-In / Float-Out heavy lift cargoes. The pool will consist of the combined fleet of 6 vessels and will be managed by RollDock with SAL providing specialized heavy break bulk cargo support.

A great new adventure has commenced between RollDock and SAL Heavy Lift. Both companies represent industry leading brands and solutions within their respective fields of heavy cargo transportation. RollDock has over the past decade developed into a world recognized Roll on / Roll off + Float in / Float out carrier with their fleet of the most technically advanced dock type vessels. SAL Heavy Lift has for over 37 years, been a symbol of premium project shipping solutions with their fleet of high class heavy geared vessels. Offering unmatched opportunities for project markets world-wide, RollDock and SAL will stand together at the very forefront of technical marine heavy transport.

Paul Könst, CEO RollDock explains; “Both SAL and RollDock stands for superior shipping solutions in their respective fields, where we place the engineering part of our work at the forefront. Our companies share the same philosophy on client focus, quality, innovation and safety. With our pool, we will be offering a competitive yet high quality heavy transport service.”

The pool will consist of six geared dock vessels, all being operated under the RollDock brand. Five of the vessels comes from the existing RollDock fleet (S and ST class vessels) and one from SAL (Combi Dock I). Through a strong global network of offices and agents, the pool will have representation in all major regions. Both companies will also continue independently and operate vessels outside the pool.
Martin Harren, Managing Director, SAL states; “Between RollDock and SAL, we quickly saw the advantages of working together. Through a consolidation, we will see a better utilization of the vessels and because we share our network of offices and agents, we can offer global representation of heavy shipping disciplines”.

Justin Archard, Commercial Director, SAL continues: “SAL wants to keep its place in the Roll-On / Roll-Off and Float-in / Float-Out market, however we also realize that our core service is lift operations. Whenever clients look for heavy transportation – with lifting, rolling or floating services or a combination - our setup offers them a one-stop-shop.”

Download Press Release

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SAL becomes commercial agent for Pan Ocean

October 2017 | Hamburg, Germany

We are happy to announce that SAL has entered into an agreement as commercial agents for Pan Ocean. SAL will in future represent the two semi-submersible deck carriers MV Sun Shine and MV Sun Rise as commercial agents for agreed European countries and together with Pan Ocean promote the vessels to world markets. The format aims to utilize the networks each of the companies have in their respective home regions. 

With Ro/Ro and Flo/Flo, SAL is established as a fully comprehensive heavy lift carrier being able to offer clients a wider array of heavy transport solutions. The amazing capacities of the MV Sun Rise and MV Sun Shine as semi-submersible heavy lift carriers opens possibilities to our clients that was earlier beyond the scope of capabilities.

SAL has also included the semi-submersible deck carrier MV Papenburg to its fleet. Together with the Combi Dock vessels SAL can now offer wide ranging rolling and floating transport solutions.

With the agreement as Commercial Agent in place, SAL now represents a fleet of 5 semi-submersible deck carriers containing the MV Combi Dock I, MV Combi Dock III, MV Papenburg, MV Sun Rise and MV Sun Shine.

For all rolling and floating cargo requests please contact our specialists:

Mr. Peer Kelch,, +49 40 380 380 226
Or Mr. Bastian Lenge,, +49 40 380 380 227

Specification of vessels and further technical details can be found here.

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Closure of SAL Offshore

September 2017 | Hamburg, Germany

SAL is busy these days transforming and optimizing our business to provide state of the art transport solutions. As a cause of this transformation, we wish to inform you about our decision to close our business unit SAL Offshore B.V. SAL will continue with its presence in The Netherlands by establishing an office having focus on shipping activities in the Rotterdam Area.

For further information please find our letter of information.

Harren & Partner to acquire SAL Heavy Lift

July 2017 | Hamburg, Germany

Bremen-based shipping company Harren & Partner and “K” Line, Tokyo, have reached an agreement for Harren & Partner to acquire German carrier SAL Heavy Lift on 27 July 2017. SAL will become the new dominant player in the super heavy lift segment (900 t to 2,000 t crane capacity).

Read more in Harren & Partner's Press Release.

where demand meets solution

SAL initiates Engineering Services Packages

May 2017 | Hamburg, Germany

Download our new Engineering Services Catalogue and select the service that matches your specific requirements and preferences. Choose from four different types of packages:

Free Supply:
Each shipment is served with basic drawings. It gives you the essential information on lift and stowage. Simple, and cost-effective.

Need an additional documented Transportation Proposal? Select Economy.

If you want a comprehensive documentation package on a wide range of technical aspects, select Business – it comes with a complete Operations Manual.

If you look for a wide range of extended technical solutions and documentation hereto, Premium would be the right choice for you.

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Sensitive behemoths

Walney Extension Project – Part One

November 2016 – August 2017 | Germany/Denmark/UK – Northern Ireland

Time flies. Seven years ago, SAL was nominated for the first delivery to the Walney Project. Back then MV Annette transported foundations from Rostock to Barrow in Furness. It becomes clear how the dimensions have changed within these few years – in 2010 our type 161 vessel (2 × 350 t SWL) was adequate, but now a type 183 (2 × 1000 t SWL) is needed to ship these colossal structures.
SAL is back on the job for Walney once again.

MV Svenja is currently playing a fundamental role in the extension of the Walney Offshore Windfarm, located in the North West of England. At the moment, the vessel is transporting a total of 87 colossal Monopiles (MPs) from Rostock to Belfast. In addition 87 Transition Pieces (TPs) will be carried by MV Svenja from Tees and Aalborg to the project harbor. With a height of up to 30 metres, a diameter of up to seven metres and a single weight of up to 579 tons, the TPs are amongst the largest ones ever built. It is an enormous job keeping our MV Svenja busy until summer.

The long-term project is characterized by several challenges. Two different types of cargo. Each requiring its own mobilization setting on board. To be shipped alternately. A tight schedule from customer side demanding flawless workflows for a pinpointed delivery. Three different loading ports. Limited possibilities at the Port of Rostock with only ten metres space forward and aft of the moored vessel. A sensitive cargo even if its appearance seem to tell the opposite.


Philip Stackmann, Project Manager, and Sebastian Wenzel, Project Engineer, give us some insight into the project.

Philip: “At the start of the project, we faced an exciting puzzle. We have a great variety of MPs with different diameters (varying at the respective conical and cylindrical parts), lengths and weights.”

Sebastian: “The Walney TPs are amongst the heaviest and tallest ever built. But we already proved our expertise in lifting and securing TPs within the Veja Mate project.
The real challenge is the handling and securing of the MPs. These are optimized for their final purpose being an offshore foundation for wind turbines. Their highest stability is in an upright position. To lift and ship them in a horizontal position is not what they are made for. The diameter to wall thickness ratio is so high that there is the risk of squeezing or deforming the piles during lifting and on the sea passage.”

A combination of special designed steel cradles with tailor-made wooden inlets serves as seafastening arrangement for the MPs. The cradles are installed within a kind of plug and play system. They are stowed between steel plates welded as stoppers and additional steel wedges fix them. Easy to install, easy to remove. 

Thus, when the vessel’s crew changes the cargo setting from MPs to TPs, they can easily remove the steel cradles from the hatch covers and the tween deck. So, the TPs can be secured with extensive grillages on the tank top and MV Svenja sails with open hatch.

Philip: “We had to design a sea-fastening system that copes with the cargo variety and facilitates a quick handling. Moreover, we optimized the sea-fastening design in several design cycles. We found the perfect balance between safe, flexible handling and maximum workability in the North Sea during winter weather conditions.”

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Fragile giant

Container crane on MV Lone

February 2017 | Taiwan – Japan

A true giant had to be shipped from Taiwan to Japan. With 650 tons being a comparatively lightweight, the sheer dimensions of this crane are much more impressive. It has a height of 56.2 metres and comes with a beam length of 78.2 metres. The overhang to both sides of the vessel provides a grateful subject for dramatic impressions. 

But these impressive dimensions make the crane a sensitive structure. The bogies are some of the weakest points of the crane. They aren’t designed for high acceleration forces. So to prevent them from excessive loads during sea transport we strengthened them with structural steel section bracings. Lifting the crane was another challenge. The center of gravity was located at a high level. In addition the bogies were rotated 90 degrees to get them in line with the transport rail on deck of MV Lone. Overcoming challenging weather conditions, the crane was delivered safely to its destination in Nagasaki, Japan.

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Keep cool and carry on

Cold Boxes on MV Annegret

October 2016 – March 2017 | China – Saudi Arabia

Not only our 183 types are engaged in long-term projects. Since October 2016 our 161 A types MV Wiebke and MV Annegret have been performing sole charter shipments. Six trains of Cold Boxes and supplementing cargo had to be shipped from Shanghai, China to Jizan, Saudi Arabia. 

With each shipment containing 15,500 frt tons, the complete volume of the project summed up to approx. 100,000 frt tons. The largest Cold Boxes measured up to 38 × 9 × 8 metres with a weight of up to 410 tons. While the accessories were loaded from shoreside, the heavy items came from barge. Apart from the mere technical issues, the operational management had to be adjusted carefully to fulfill all necessary requirements. Quick berthing at a designated berth in Shanghai was principal for the flawless performance. Strict coordination of all workflows to comply with all MLC regulations (Maritime Labor Convention) was another success factor for this project.

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Shuttle Service with a 176 convertible

Veja Mate Offshore Wind Farm

May – September 2016 | Aalborg/Denmark – Eemshaven/Netherlands

The future of energy production lies in the constant growth and development of renewable energy sources like wind. Several offshore wind parks are under construction, and SAL serves with its reliable and flexible vessels as a perfect project support for the complex construction processes. For the Veja Mate Offshore Wind Farm Project, MV Trina was engaged to transport Transition Pieces (TP) from the construction site in Denmark to the Netherlands.


The wind farm is located in the German North Sea. It consists of 67 wind turbines, each with a capacity of six megawatts and a rotor diameter of 154 metres. It will produce electricity for 400,000 German homes every year. 

In twelve consecutive voyages, MV Trina transported 67 Transition Pieces (TP) together with corresponding platforms and anode cages – a total cargo volume of about 108,674 cbm. For this long-term contract, the Type 176 vessel was mobilized in Stralsund, Germany. All hatch covers and tween decks were discharged for the 22-metre high cargo. Special grillages were welded onto the bottom of the hold to ensure a stable and safe positioning of the TP’s. For the loading, SAL developed a special lifting tool, which was able to grab each Piece safely within the customer’s requirements.

The particular challenge in this transport was neither the weight nor the number of the cargo but the lifting height. The items had to be lifted vertically from pier into the cargo hold with the ship’s cranes. Sufficient planning and calculation ensured that the tight space between lower edge and deck’s surface did not cause trouble for the team involved.

The project was running from May till September 2016. SAL’s performance of a flawless support found high appreciation at our customer’s side. Pieter Poelsma, OWF’s Manager Transport & Logistics, stated:

“The commitment of SAL Heavy Lift GmbH to HSE, quality, workmanship, and eagerness to complete the project correctly and within the allotted schedule is greatly appreciated. The project was a great success. For future projects we therefore recommend SAL Heavy Lift GmbH and their services.”

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