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JSI Alliance completes scope in Basrah Refinery Upgrading Project

11 April 2024

On 11 March, MV Svenja discharged her cargo of 9 modules. The discharge marked the completion of the JSI Alliance’s scope of work in the Basrah Refinery Upgrading Project for JGC Corporation. The Alliance’s undertaking of this large-scale, complex logistical project was made possible by its comprehensive approach featuring in-house engineering, project management, QSHE and experienced crew.

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Flexible fleet. Adaptive approach.

The Alliance dedicated two vessels to the project; the Jumbo Kinetic with her two 1,500 t cranes, and the MV Svenja with two 1,000 t cranes. Together, the Jumbo Kinetic and MV Svenja undertook transport of 84 modules using JCG's specially designed lifting frame. The two vessels were selected due to their having the required capabilities for lifting and transporting the modules, while being small enough to access the restricted Morimatsu plant in Nantong, where the cargo was loaded.

A number of other vessels from the combined JSI Alliance fleet performed supporting roles in the execution of this significant project, undertaking a series of seven voyages consisting of equipment including seven, 82 m, 800 t bullet tanks. Representing the main logistical scope in the Basrah project, the undertaking has seen JSI transport some 450,000 frts of cargo over a period of twelve months.

By pooling its vessels, the Alliance is able to provide a flexible service, whereby it can ensure the availability of a vessel with the required capabilities, while continuing to support other clients. This has proven to be of considerable value during the Basrah project, allowing the Alliance to swap out modules, using the most suitable vessel for each voyage and avoiding interruptions to the workflow.

At the same time, the Alliance was able to put its vessels to work on other projects in between cargoes, thereby avoiding congestion at the single berth available in Nantong.

Efficiency gains

This was just one of the many steps JSI took to ensure optimal efficiency during the project. Other measures included investing in HPME rigging and increasing the number of crew onboard the vessels.

An additional gain in efficiency was achieved with the development of a straightforward enhancement of the lifting frame. JSI devised a system whereby wooden blocks were added to the lifting beam to create an extension of the guideline. With this, the process of hooking on the modules was sped up in a safe manner.

Based on such measures, the project became increasingly efficient over time, with module transportation rising from one module per day at the outset, to nine modules during a six-day period at its conclusion.

Boosting safety

In addition to supporting the optimisation of efficiency, the close cooperation between the JSI Alliance partners gives a considerable boost to safety. At the end of each voyage, lessons learned were shared between all involved in the execution of the project to be incorporated into the next, with a view to maximising safe practice.

Kiharu Yamashita, Project Logistics Manager of JGC Corporation: “We are very happy with the work undertaken by the JSI Alliance. The Alliance has completed its scope within the timeframe we had anticipated by their fully supporting to our project to dedicate MV Jumbo Kinetic & MV Svenja for whole duration of PJ as well as assigning MV Jumbo Javelin, MV Fairmaster, MV Regine and MV Anna for our important heavy cargo shipments. We were particularly pleased with the smooth communications between all parties and the way in which Jumbo and SAL work together as one. This has undoubtedly made a significant contribution to the safe and efficient manner in which the scope was executed.”

Robert de Waard Project Manager at JSI: “I’d like to offer my gratitude to JGC for their trust in us and for their good cooperation during the project. I’d also like to thank the colleagues and crew for all their hard work over the year; we could not have done it without them. The efficiency gains we made during the project are a testament to their efforts.”

Port captain Mike Ma: “Being one of the main links between the vessel, the office, the client and the stevedores is a privileged position to be in and one I really enjoy. As port captains, we oversee all the elements a total logistics project like this brings together. We anticipate, we adapt, we align and we reap the rewards of a busy project coming to completion and the fulfillment of having another happy client.”

The South Refineries Company, an energy company under the Iraq Ministry of Oil, awarded JGC an EPC contract for the Basrah project. Upon completion, the refinery will help close the gap in supply and demand for petroleum products in the country, reducing import dependency and contributing to job creation and economic development.

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Jumbo Shipping, SAL Heavy Lift and Intermarine join forces in new commercial joint venture: JSI Alliance

28 February 2024

After three years in a successful joint venture, Dutch maritime heavy lift transport and engineering contractor Jumbo Shipping and German breakbulk and project cargo specialist SAL Heavy Lift are thrilled to welcome their American sister, multipurpose and liner operator Intermarine, to the group. On 1 March 2024, JSI Alliance will be ready to set sail with a new combined fleet of 50 vessels.

Jumbo, SAL and Intermarine have reached a significant milestone – one that resonates throughout the world of heavy lift shipping. They have joined forces to create a new industry powerhouse with the experience, legacy and reputation of these three renowned carriers, combining their fleets and all commercial activities for breakbulk and project cargo. What can be seen as the evolution of the commercial alliance Jumbo and SAL formed in 2021, JSI Alliance builds on the same fundamental principles. They will provide a unified commercial entry point for sales and marketing for their joint network of offices and agents in 23 countries worldwide. Versatile and flexible, the large fleet of around 50 vessels ranges from effective multipurpose vessels to the most advanced heavy lift ships in the world, with a lifting capacity of up to 3,000 t SWL. This essentially creates a real one-stop shop for customers seeking all kinds of maritime breakbulk or project transport solutions.

Intermarine President Richard Seeg explains: “This is a great step for Intermarine and a significant milestone for us in our over 35 years of business. We’re a sister company to SAL, which means we’ve had some cooperation up to this point. But forming a real commercial joint venture and alliance marks the beginning of a new and greater adventure. I’ve truly admired what Jumbo and SAL have managed to achieve over the past three years, and I’m excited to bring the Intermarine product to the joint venture. This will add more services and an expanded reach to the portfolio. With our strength, especially in the Americas, I’m sure our alliance is off to a great start.”

JSI Alliance stands for both commercial flexibility as well as technical excellence, offering semi-liner and liner services as well as customised project shipping solutions around the world. Services range from effective transport solutions for small parcels and single cargo items to the most complex industrial cargo units. The ability to combine services and transport solutions gives customers a new multitude of options.

Laurens Govers, Director Chartering & Projects at Jumbo Shipping, adds: “When we launched our commercial alliance with SAL three years ago, we weren’t sure how the market and our customers would receive this new take on a commercial cooperation in the heavy lift sector. Today, we look back at the success it’s been. Through our growing relationship with Intermarine as well, I’m confident that our new setup and wider service scope as JSI Alliance will be a valuable addition to our platform. Every customer, from EPCs and industrial equipment manufacturers to project freight forwarders, will find transport services that can benefit their business and projects in our new constellation.”

The Jumbo and SAL services and fleets are highly complementary, but the Intermarine “products” are somewhat different and expand the scope. The Intermarine fleet is based on standardised, effective multipurpose vessels typically geared up to max 500 t SWL, essentially where the Jumbo and SAL vessel portfolio begins. Furthermore, Intermarine is highly experienced in operating a mix of owned and time-chartered vessels, both on a short- or long-term basis. While the owned fleet typically takes on complex cargo operations, volume cargo and vessel positions may require a different approach. The focus on flexible commercial solutions that Intermarine brings to the table really helps JSI Alliance achieve their goal of being a true one-stop shop for customers.

Intermarine COO Lars Rasmussen says: “We have a setup where we can combine many different vessels and service scopes. With JSI Alliance, you can find simple, straightforward transport solutions as well as the capacity to handle the most complex heavy lift projects. We can combine standard multipurpose ships, with mighty heavy lifters, deck carriers and even in some case bulk vessels – all under our operation and management. I’ve been in bulk, breakbulk and project shipping for over three decades now, and I’ve never seen a commercial solution as comprehensive as this.”

JSI Alliance holds a combined +120 years of experience between its three members. The fleet and service scopes differ somewhat in the new joint venture, but Jumbo, SAL and Intermarine share a very similar culture and values. This is essential in a close, unified commercial structure where all sales teams work from the same platform.

SAL Heavy Lift Managing Director Jens Baumgarten summarises: “We’ve obviously gained vital experience in our years of commercial partnership with Jumbo. JSI Alliance emerged more or less organically with our closer commercial cooperation with our sister company, Intermarine. That being said, we’ve worked intensively over the past several months to prepare and set up our structures so we can operate effectively from day one. Our greatest priority is keeping our customers happy – both during and after each project and shipment. We believe that the added value we create for our customers will strengthen relationships and lead to repeat transport inquiries over many years.”

JSI Alliance replaces Jumbo-SAL-Alliance as the unified marketing platform and brand. As operators and owners, however, Jumbo, SAL and Intermarine remain independent – allowing the three brands to be active in the market.

Intermarine CEO Svend Andersen stresses: “JSI Alliance is the pinnacle of commercial innovation in heavy lift shipping. My many years in shipping have given me good instincts for which collaborations work and which don’t. I have no doubt that this one is a winner. Combining our strengths both commercially and technically outmatches any other operator in the market. Whether in Asia, Europe, Africa, the US or South America – the JSI Alliance organisation ensures that every customer gets the best possible service.”

All sales offices are unified from day one as JSI Alliance offices represent all three members. Also, back-office support functions such as engineering, QHSE and project management will contribute to the alliance organisation, maximizing synergies between the entities.

Daan Koornneef, CEO of Jumbo Shipping, concludes: “I’ve truly enjoyed witnessing the progress and the effective way our three organisations have come together, where we build on the success of the now former Jumbo-SAL-Alliance.” And Dr Martin Harren, CEO of SAL Heavy Lift and Harren Group, agrees: “For our company and group, it’s vital that we remain agile commercially and operationally, and seize the opportunities as they come – this is the true spirit of our organisations. JSI Alliance marks a new cornerstone for our business.”

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A dynamic start to 2024 – four heavy-lifters join the Intermarine fleet

10 January 2024

2024 is off to a strong start for Intermarine, where the multi-purpose carrier is gearing up for a dynamic year ahead. As the foremost operator in the Americas, the collaboration with heavy-lift powerhouse Jumbo-SAL-Alliance is propelling Intermarine to new heights. The break-bulk operator is thrilled to announce a fleet expansion consisting of two F500 heavy-lift vessels, one F360 and one F300, effective within days of publication.

Intermarine has secured four vessels on a long-term charter. The vessels — who will be sailing under the names Industrial Fraternity (F360), Industrial Skipper (F500), Industrial Swift (F500) and Louise Auerbach (F300) — are set to kick off operations in the next few weeks. MV Industrial Fraternity will join the ranks around 12 January, followed by MV Industrial Skipper around 15 January. MV Industrial Swift and MV Louise Auerbach will come into service around 1 February. Initially, these vessels will join global trade routes with a focus on enhancing connections between Europe, Africa and the Americas — bolstering the company’s transatlantic network.

Intermarine CEO Svend Andersen says: “We’ve always had a dynamic blend of owned vessels and time-charter ships in our fleet. It’s a fundamental aspect of our business model. This approach gives us a versatile modus operandi, offering a diverse array of ships precisely tailored to meet the wide variety of customer requests and demands. By adding these modern heavy-lift vessels, we can build on our services with an extremely attractive offering. I’m confident our customers will appreciate it right from the start.”

These modern heavy-lift vessels seamlessly integrate into the portfolio shared by Intermarine and the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance. The F500 vessels are equipped with 2 x 250 t SWL cranes (combinable to 500 t SWL). The F360 has 2 x 180 t SWL cranes (combinable to 360 t SWL), and the F300 offers 2 x 150 t SWL cranes (combinable to 300t SWL). Built between 2016 and 2017, the F500 types represent some of the newest, most efficient vessels in the sector. Boasting a length of 147 m and a draft of 7.5 m, these vessels facilitate operations in almost any port.

Intermarine COO Lars Rasmussen emphasizes: “It’s critical that we support our customers’ needs with consistent and readily available vessel positions. These vessels seamlessly integrate into our fleet and trade routes, offering operational efficiency and expanded capacity. Their remarkable flexibility, advanced technical capabilities and exceptional fuel efficiency make them an ideal complement to the services offered by both Intermarine and the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance.”

MV Industrial Fraternity and the MV Louise Auerbach will commence operations from northern Europe. MV Industrial Skipper sets sail from Brazil and MV Industrial Swift departs from the Mediterranean Sea.

Harren Group CEO Martin Harren concludes: “These vessels represent not only exceptional capabilities but also crucial strategic assets for both Intermarine and the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance. With this strategic commitment, we can cater to a more extensive customer base, reinforcing our dedication to meeting our clients’ evolving demands. We consistently ensure that our fleet is well-aligned and equipped with the necessary technical capabilities to address the ever-growing needs of our customers. We look forward to serving both new and existing clients, leveraging the strength of these remarkable vessels.”

Technical vessel particulars and schedules will be available on by January.

For commercial inquiries, please contact:

Mr Torben Reinhard –

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Harren Group introduces new groupwide safety culture program – Act Safely!

13 December 2023

Harren Group, a leading name in the shipping industry, is excited to announce the launch of its new groupwide "Act Safely!” Safety Culture Program, a significant step towards reinforcing safety as a core value within our organization. As a leading shipping company, we understand the importance of prioritizing safety in everything we do, and this program embodies our commitment to achieving the highest standards of safety excellence.

Leadership in Safety:
At Harren Group we believe that safety begins with leadership. We are proud to have a dedicated team of leaders who are committed to fostering a culture of safety throughout our organization. Our leadership team is not only responsible for setting the vision and direction but also for being role models for safety-conscious behavior. Through our “Act Safely!” initiatives program, our leaders will actively engage with employee’s direction, create engagement, providing guidance, & support, and ensuring that safety remains at the forefront of our operations.

Ownership of Safety:
Safety is everyone's responsibility. Our “Act Safely!” Safety Culture Program empowers every member of the Harren Group family to take ownership of safety. At land or at sea, we believe that by promoting a culture of ownership, we can collectively identify and mitigate risks, prevent accidents, and continuously improve our safety practices. Every employee plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of colleagues, vessels, workplaces, and the environment.

Commitment to Excellence:
Our commitment to safety excellence is unwavering. We understand that it requires continuous effort, education, and a shared dedication to upholding the highest standards. Through this program, we will invest in comprehensive safety training, conduct regular safety audits, and encourage open communication channels for reporting and addressing safety concerns. We are committed to learning from every experience and using those lessons to strengthen our safety culture.

The "Act Safely!" program is more than a set of rules; it is a fundamental aspect of Harren Group's organizational culture. It safeguards its people, supports operational excellence, enhances its reputation, and drives ongoing improvement. This safety program aligns with the same fundamental principles of the Harren Group Values.

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Mighty newcomers: SAL Heavy Lift strengthens its fleet with super modern deck carriers

“Zhong Ren 121” and ”Zhong Ren 122”

6 October 2023

SAL Heavy Lift is pleased to announce another pioneering addition to its fleet: The German heavy lift and engineering expert is chartering the two top modern semi-submersible deck carriers “Zhong Ren 121” and “Zhong Ren 122” on a long-term basis together with its partner Shanghai Salvage (China). Both ships will be delivered in Shanghai between December 2023 and February 2024 and marketed through the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance.

“We don’t use the term ‘milestone’ lightly – but, in this case, it’s more than appropriate. This project is extremely important to us as a group, both commercially and strategically,” says Dr Martin Harren, CEO of SAL Heavy Lift and the Harren Group. “Our combined MPP and heavy lift fleet, which currently comprises 54 units, is one of the world’s leading fleets. We offer our customers the most powerful heavy lift vessels in the world. However, the truth remains that the demands and requirements of our clients – especially in the offshore wind sector – are becoming increasingly extensive and complex. These two new additions give us the opportunity to meet and possibly even exceed these requirements. Customers will benefit from more choices and better solutions.”

SAL has been working intensively on the topic of semi-submersible deck carriers for years. In 2021, a special department was founded for this purpose. SAL has been acting as commercial agent for two Pan Ocean deck carriers since 2017, gaining valuable experience in the project-based chartering of external tonnage.

“‘Zhong Ren 121’ and ‘Zhong Ren 122’ will empower us to undertake cargo transportation and projects previously inconceivable with our existing fleet,” explains Matthieu Moerman, Director Chartering & Project at Jumbo-SAL-Alliance. “They will expand our capabilities, opening doors to new markets. By adding the two vessels, we can offer more marine transport solutions as a group.”

The key highlights of “Zhong Ren 121” and “Zhong Ren 122” include:

  • 169 m long, 39.8 m wide
  • Ability to carry floating cargo due to semi-submersible mode
  • Ultra-modern DP2 technology
  • DWT: 26,000 t
  • Cargo deck capacity of 5,300 m2
  • Outstanding deck strength of 25 mt/m2
  • Average sailing speed of 12 knots
  • Accommodation facilities for up to 59 people

Following delivery, SAL will have the opportunity to utilise the two vessels for cargo transports from Asia to Europe. Afterwards, they will be deployed for an offshore wind farm project in the USA.

Once the wind farm project has been completed, SAL intends to extend the charter contracts with Shanghai Salvage for an additional two to three years. Alberto Aguilaniedo, Manager Chartering & Projects at Jumbo-SAL-Alliance, states: “With our exceptional project and chartering team, I envision a vast potential for these vessels which further solidifies our strategic focus on the renewable energy sector.”

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Jumbo-SAL-Alliance has been contracted by Jan De Nul to carry out the secondary steel installation at the Gode Wind 3 and Borkum Riffgrund 3 offshore wind farms

29 September 2023

Mid July 2023, the vessel mobilization for MV Lone was completed successfully, and the execution phase has begun. In Emden MV Lone was equipped with her Fly-Jib, additional living quarters, and the client-provided project equipment. Especially to mention is the installation of a new tugger arm arrangement at crane 2, which will improve offshore operations significantly. Furthermore, she embarked on a journey to Italy to collect further project equipment on behalf of Jan De Nul. Afterwards, Lone sailed to Eemshaven for her first lout-out of secondary steel components required for installation at Ørsted's offshore wind farms, Gode Wind 3 and Borkum Riffgrund 3, with a combined capacity of 1,166 MW.

The offshore installation vessel Les Alizés has already begun installing the 107 monopile foundations, including one for the Offshore Substation (OSS). MV Lone’s scope comprises installing boat landings, platforms, and corrosion protection systems on the foundations. The execution phase began on 6 August, during which Lone and the project team will maintain excellent service for the client.
“We are proud to be part of this project in the renewable energy industry, striving to develop sustainable energy further and provide more households with access to green electricity,” states Hinrichs.

Godewind 3 and Borkum Riffgrund 3

Two new wind farms in Germany, powered by state-of-the-art 11-MW Siemens Gamesa turbines, are set to provide clean energy to approximately 1.2 million households annually. Borkum Riffgrund 3 will join Ørsted's offshore wind farms Borkum Riffgrund 1 and 2, while Gode Wind 3 will be located close to Ørsted's Gode Wind 1 and 2. The wind farms are expected to become operational by 2024 and 2025. “We anticipate that these projects will positively impact the environment and neighboring communities,”, says Morten Hinrichs, Head of Project Management at SAL Heavy Lift. “We are highly optimistic that these initiatives will create a positive impact on the lives of the local people and enhance the ecological balance in the region.”


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Jumbo-SAL-Alliance Delivers Massive Project for Golden Pass LNG

19 April 2023

In 2021, Jumbo-SAL-Alliance was awarded a major project involving the transport of 27 Air Cool Condensers (ACC) modules, auxiliary modules, steam ducts, and staircases by CCZ JV (Chiyoda, CB&I, Zachry JV) for the Golden Pass LNG project.

A total of 215,529 freight tons, divided over nine shipments, had to be transported from Changshu, China, to Beaumont, USA, located in the Gulf of Mexico.

Hiroshi Wakabayashi, General Manager of Jumbo-SAL-Alliance Japan, stated: "I believe we won this project because of our solid technical solution and track record. The clearances were very tight, but we managed to stow all six units on deck.”

The heaviest ACC module weighed 260.4 mt and measured 25.91 x 14.44 x 17.32 meters.
On 16.02.2023, our strong lady Svenja successfully discharged the cargo in Beaumont, USA.

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Jumbo-SAL-Alliance commences Basrah Refinery Upgrading Project shipments for JGC Corporation

16 March 2023

The Jumbo-SAL-Alliance (JSA) has commenced its scope of work in the Basrah Refinery Upgrading Project for JGC Corporation. It is one of the largest projects ever undertaken by the Alliance. The Jumbo Javelin loaded the first of 19 transports at Dahej India.

Dedicated vessels

The project will see the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance undertake the transportation of a total of 450,000 frts of cargo for its client. Jumbo Kinetic, with two 1,500 t cranes, and SAL Heavy Lift’s MV Svenja, with two 1,000 t cranes will be dedicated to the project for the duration of the transportation scope.

During this time, the two vessels will undertake seven voyages each, providing the project with full flexibility and control of logistics. Sailing schedules are firmly fixed so that all parties within the logistical cycle know well in advance when which cargo will be collected and delivered.

The two vessels, with deadweight tonnage of 14,000 t and 12,500 t respectively, are strong enough to handle all modules and small enough to be able to access the restricted Morimatsu plant in Nantong, China, where much of the cargo will be loaded.

Stronger together

In addition to the two vessels committed to the project, the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance will provide vessels to conduct additional five voyages. With its combined fleet of thirty vessels, the Alliance can offer JGC a vessel with the required capabilities and service level each time, while also ensuring its ability to continue to serve other clients.

Mr. Kiharu Yamashita, Project Logistics Manager of Basrah Project, JGC explained: “Having the two dedicated vessels for the duration of this phase gives us visibility, ensuring that we can remain on schedule. Jumbo-SAL-Alliance who can accommodate the size and capability required for this project is indispensable for the successful delivery of the project to our client.”

Conducting consecutive runs, the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance will transport a range of items from locations in India, China, Thailand, and Korea. Amongst the cargo will be 80 modules. Here, the Alliance will draw upon its experience of using module lifting frames. This will be applied by using JGC’s in-house designed frame, which is specially developed for lifting modules at the Morimatsu facility.

The shipments will also include transportation of 31 pieces of equipment including a regenerator, vacuum columns, a fractionator, and seven 800 t bullet tanks, each one 82 m in length.

Total project focus

The Jumbo-SAL-Alliance began preparations for the project back in 2019, with the provision of engineering support. This included the design of four different loading spread mats, covering the various vessel types to be used, cargo footprint and location of the cargo on the vessel.

As the project is undertaken in consecutive runs with the same vessels, the load-spreading material can be recycled (re-used) each time, offering optimal cost-efficiency.

“In every project that we undertake we consider not only the costs of transportation, but also the total project cost. With this project, our early involvement played a considerable role in this. We were able to work along with the client in tweaking the sailing schedule and suitable vessel rotations to match the vessels and maximise efficiency.”

Laurens Govers, Commercial Manager, Jumbo-SAL-Alliance

Preparations for the project included the creation of a hybrid contract servicing the needs of both parties and tackling the potential challenges of operating in the Basrah region. As this is still considered a hostile environment, the two companies had a particularly keen focus on safety.

With the performance of the main logistical scope for the Basrah project, the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance is showcasing its ability to act as a full-service logistical provider for complex and larger project scopes. Supported by solid in-house engineering, project management, live QHSE procedures and protocols and, above all, experienced crew, the Alliance aims to ensure that cargo is handled, and sea fastened for safe delivery, on time and on budget.

Building the future

JGC is carrying out an EPC scope in the refinery upgrading project on behalf of the South Refineries Company, an energy company under the Iraq Ministry of Oil. JGC’s scope includes construction of a fluid catalytic cracking unit (34,500 bpd capacity), a vacuum distillation unit (55,000 bpd) and a diesel desulfurization unit (40,000 bpd).

The new facility will be located adjacent to the current Basrah refinery and will provide plant facilities that meet the international environmental standards.
Funds for the project have been provided by a loan from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). It is the largest Japanese assisted reconstruction project since the 2003 Iraq War. For JGC Group, it is the second project in the country since their completion of a power plant reconstruction in 2013.

The upgraded refinery will help to close a supply-demand gap for Petroleum products in Iraq, reducing the country’s dependence on imports. It will also contribute to reconstruction and economic growth, not least in the creation of several thousand jobs both for the construction and operation of the refinery.

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A new great journey in heavy-lift shipping unfolds as the Harren Group completes the full takeover of Intermarine

30 November 2022

The future of heavy-lift shipping is unfolding in an exciting new way. With a combined fleet of 50 vessels, Intermarine and SAL Heavy Lift enter the world as sister companies under one corporate roof and ownership. A greater service scope to clients and a larger footprint in the market is the target.

When the Harren Group took a 50% stake in Intermarine in late 2020, the market was still significantly affected by the decade-long slump in the multipurpose sector and amid a COVID-19 pandemic. With a fleet of six vessels servicing the Americas, Intermarine was a niche operator with a historically strong brand and a dedicated team. Fast forward to 2022: Intermarine now operates a fleet of 25 vessels, is the dominant multipurpose operator in the Americas and is expanding internationally servicing clients in Asia and Europe.
From the beginning, it was clear that Intermarine should remain an independent brand with its own dedicated commercial setup next to SAL’s. This strategy will remain after the full acquisition of Intermarine, but an even closer cooperation will develop over time.

Svend Andersen, CEO of Intermarine, states: “When Martin Harren and I discussed the business plan for Intermarine two years ago, it was clear that we should build on its existing strong brand and legacy and keep focused on our core competency – our reliable and regular breakbulk shipping in the Americas. Since that discussion, we have expanded the business with offices in Brazil, Denmark, and most recently Bangkok. Today the Intermarine brand stands strong and in lock-step with that of SAL.”

Richard Seeg, President of Intermarine, elaborates further: “The last two years have been busy – we have re-established Intermarine as the go-to multipurpose carrier in all the Americas. We focus on reliable transportation for our clients in the oil and gas, mining, power generation and infrastructure industries, through our regular liner and chartering services. While SAL and the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance focus more on complex, heavy project cargos, we continue to find synergies that are beneficial for our individual and mutual customers with the vessels and services available through both of our services.”

Jens Baumgarten, Managing Director and Head of Chartering at SAL Heavy Lift, adds: “I can justly confirm that both the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance and Intermarine have grown stronger through the cooperation and mutual understanding we have commercially. We now explore together with Intermarine how we can expand further and build an even stronger offering in strategic markets and for key clients that can benefit from the bandwidth of services that we jointly provide. Intermarine sits extremely well within our global network that counts 23 offices in 21 countries and 50 vessels with more to come.”

Chad Call, CFO of Intermarine, says: “The synergies with SAL and the Harren Group have been crucial to building up Intermarine for the long term. By leveraging the Group’s ship management capacity, financing capabilities, engineering resources and marketing function, Intermarine has been strengthened significantly over the past 24 months. This will continue.”

Dr. Martin Harren, CEO of the Harren Group, adds: “In fact both SAL and Intermarine support each other – our breakbulk clients benefit from more vessel positions and a wider range of services looking holistically at the business. But just as important – each company contributes to the growth of the entire group, enabling us to continue to invest and develop our businesses and fleets for the long-term future. So, you can say that the success of one becomes the success of the other.”

The transfer of shares was completed on 16 November 2022 and has no effect on the current operations or the commercial obligations of either Intermarine or the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance.

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SAL Heavy Lift and Jumbo Shipping start joint newbuilding programme for ultra-efficient, carbon-neutral heavy lift project vessels

7 September 2022

SAL Heavy Lift, one of the world’s leading maritime heavy lift and project cargo carriers, has signed building contracts for four firm plus two optional new generation heavy lift ships with Wuhu Shipyard, China. This joint newbuilding programme involving SAL Heavy Lift and partner Jumbo Shipping is called Orca Class.

“The Orca vessels are setting new standards in global heavy lift shipping. They represent the new benchmark both in terms of their technical capabilities and modern climate-friendly propulsion systems,” says Dr. Martin Harren, Owner and CEO of SAL Heavy Lift and the Harren Group. “The ships will be the most efficient vessels in their class with consumption and emission figures far superior to any existing heavy lift vessel today. As a signatory to the ‘Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization’, our Group has committed to the decarbonisation of shipping activities by 2050. I am proud that this newbuilding order shows how we are keeping our promise for significant, concrete action.”

The vessels were developed in close cooperation with SAL’s joint venture partner, Jumbo Shipping (Schiedam, The Netherlands), another true heavyweight in the industry. Jumbo Shipping Owner Michael Kahn stresses: “One can say that these ships mark the beginning of a new era for the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance – no exaggeration. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the newbuilding design team at SAL for their great cooperation. I am very impressed with their passion and technical expertise. The ships will help bring us even closer together.”

The vessels measure 149.9 m x 27.2 m and provide a capacity of 14,600 dwt. Despite their compact outer dimensions, the vessels have a box-shaped single cargo hold with the largest dimensions in its class. Provided the hatch covers with a capacity of 10 t/m² are not utilised for stowing super-heavy deck cargoes, such as 3,000 t cable carousels, the vessels can accommodate over-height cargo in the hold and sail with open hatch covers up to full scantling draft.

Christian Johansen, Global Commodity Manager – Ports & Transportation, Offshore at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, says: “We are excited to continue and build on our strategic partnership with SAL Heavy Lift with their Orca Class programme. We see their ultra-efficient profile and carbon-neutral potential as a perfect fit with our aim of decarbonising our supply chain. As companies, we share a lot of the same values – and we are happy to embark on this journey together with SAL.”

Thomas Mortensen, Head of Transport Project Execution, Offshore at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, adds: “We are especially impressed with the flexibility these new vessels represent. Our business is complex, challenged by rapid globalisation as well as the increasing size and weight of our turbine components. The need for flexibility is higher than ever, and the Orcas meet several of our anticipated medium- to long-term transportation challenges. Best-in-class intake, speed and lifting capabilities are all key factors in our decision to work with SAL on the two first Orcas.”

Jan-Peter Esbensen, Managing Director of Jumbo-SAL-Alliance Denmark, has been involved in the discussions with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy from the very beginning: “It is great to see how an initial idea is now turning into such great and trend-setting vessels. We look forward to growing our cooperation with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy in the years to come.”

Ice class notation 1A, a Polar Code certification and the reduced design temperature of the hull and equipment allow the ships to safely operate in cold conditions as well.

Two 800 t Liebherr cranes specifically designed for this ship type can handle cargo items weighting up to 1,600 t in tandem. “Despite extremely high crane pedestals of more than 11 m, the overall crane height and thereby the vessel’s air draft remains at just about 38 m. This makes it possible for the vessel to pass Kiel Canal and enter strategically important ports worldwide,” explains Sebastian Westphal, CTO at SAL Heavy Lift. “The fully electric cranes are perfect for the vessel’s intelligent energy management and recovery system. This is based on a battery storage system that can be used together with conventional gensets in hybrid mode, or in combination with the vessel’s shore power connection for fully electric port operations.”

Developed in house, the ship type design expertly combines the experience and know-how from decades of complex heavy lift project execution with the latest technologies. Jakob Christiansen, Head of Research & Development, Retrofit & Newbuilding at SAL Heavy Lift, comments: “We developed and optimised various vessel details, especially in relation to the hull form and propulsion system, in close cooperation with the renowned Naval Architecture faculty at the Hamburg University of Technology. Recent tank performance tests revealed that we have created one of the world’s most efficient hull forms for a vessel of this size – outmatching all existing heavy lift and MPP vessels.”

In addition to the optimised hull design, the Orca vessels will have an innovative propulsion system consisting of compact and efficient main engines and a diesel-electric booster function. Compared to other heavy lift vessel designs, this hybrid setup features the widest available range of economic speed settings and redundancy.

At a service speed of 15 kn, the vessels will consume significantly less than 20 t of fuel oil per day – similar to far smaller-sized and geared MPP vessels. Alternatively, the vessels will be able to trade at a slow, ultra-efficient speed of 10 kn at 6 t while still being able to reach a maximum speed of 18.5 kn for urgent deliveries – if a windfarm installation vessel is waiting for an urgent component delivery, for example.

The vessels are equipped with dual-fuel engines, which means that they can use methanol as an alternative fuel. If green methanol becomes available in key ports as anticipated towards the end of the decade, the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance will be able to offer their customers carbon-neutral transport solutions – a defined environmental protection goal that both companies share. For more information on SAL and Jumbo’s sustainability goals, please see the latest Harren Group sustainability report – now available online.

NaMKü (“Sustainable Modernisation of Coastal Vessels”) funding from the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport allows SAL to utilise pioneering technology in the vessels innovative power train with the target on highest efficiency and significant emission reduction. Among other eco-friendly effects, this will lower NOx emissions 10 percent below the IMO Tier 3 level while undercutting EEDI phase 3 limits for CO2 emissions by 21 percent.

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Introducing new unified group email domain

Service Message

To optimize our wide-ranging communication infrastructure that spans across multiple companies within our group, we are uniting all our email domains into one – namely “”. This means that you in future will receive emails solely under this new domain name from your familiar SAL colleagues. Emails sent to the old domains will still be transferred for a foreseeable time, but you may pay attention to this and get your contact data updated. All existing domains will be transferred gradually from now on.
In case of questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on or directly to your familiar counterpart.

Chinese get-together. Jumbo and SAL are now under one roof in Shanghai.

19 July 2021

A new step has been taken on the journey for Jumbo-SAL-Alliance. Jumbo China and SAL Heavy Lift Shanghai team are now united under one roof and ready to continue the strong progress of Jumbo-SAL-Alliance China. As part of the global commercial strategy, Jumbo and SAL offices across the world are coming together, whereby the partnership gets further strengthened underlining that the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance is truly one commercial team.
In China, the team of 8 are now residing in the common office located in the vibrant Pudong district in Shanghai, P.R. China.

Managing Director of SAL Heavy Lift Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. and Head of Jumbo-SAL-Alliance China, Mrs. Tina Yi, states; “It is great that we are now all under one roof. Our teams has worked closely together from day 1, but being able to sit face to face creates another dynamic and makes our daily commercial operations work even smoother. I am happy to have Mr. Sun Ming and the Jumbo team here”.
Mr. Sun Ming, Regional Commercial Manager for Jumbo China adds; “Due to covid-19 and local restrictions, we had to postpone our moving plans some weeks – but we are happy to be up and running now and bring the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance forward in China. We could from the very beginning feel the effect of synergies between our teams –  thus “stronger together” truly fits our team here”.
Our Chinese team can be reached on:
+86 (0) 21 68888406
And the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance (China) is located:
No. 707 Zhangyang Road, Rm 1504, Sino Life Tower
Pudong, Shanghai, 200120

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Mr. Sun Ming and Mrs. Tina Yi

SAL crews roll up their sleeves and get COVID-19 vaccinations in the US

28 May 2021

Seafarers are amongst those who have felt the greatest impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Global travel restrictions and strict quarantine rules have created isolated micro-cosmoses on board vessels around the globe for more than a year. Albeit the virus continues to cause havoc, the expansion of vaccination programs in many countries now starts to bring light into the darkness. The USA is in forefront when it comes to the vaccination of its citizens. Several US states are now offering vaccine also to crews of ships that are calling their ports in order to secure global supply chains and to support international seafarers. At SAL we quickly took the chance to explore if our crews could get hand on vaccinations when calling US ports. Through prompt action from our US entity and our port agency, the crews onboard our vessels MV Frauke and MV Calypso were offered vaccinations during their port calls in Mobile, Alabama and Erie, Pennsylvania.

Captain Sebastian Westphal, Chief Technical Officer, SAL Heavy Lift states: “We are very thankful for this opportunity. Our seafarers are away from home for months, come from several different nations with varying national vaccination programs and are exposed during travelling and our global operations. The strict and effective preventive measures onboard our vessels ensure to keep the risk as low as practically possible, but this is not easing the social difficulties our seafarers face as a consequence of the pandemic. On behalf of the company and the fleet, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to the US states that grant us this opportunity and to our team behind who organised this very rapidly.”

Now the crews on board the fleets of SAL, our joint venture partner Jumbo as well as the entire Harren & Partner Group are offered vaccinations during US port calls and we hope that other nations will follow this good example.

Captain Andreas Schuricht, MV Frauke concludes: “It was great that this opportunity was offered to us, and our entire crew onboard happily took a vaccination shot. Hopefully this will not only ease travelling for us, but also help to reduce exposure when we are in ports around the world. I hope that our other colleagues will soon get the same opportunity that we have just got – I am very thankful.”

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Jumbo Shipping and SAL Heavy Lift launch Jumbo-SAL-Alliance

Joint venture creates a new commercial heavy weight in project and breakbulk shipping with a fleet of 30 advanced heavy lift vessels

15 April 2021

Today, the heavy lift industry sees a new and powerful constellation unfold. Jumbo Shipping, the Dutch maritime heavy lift transport and engineering contractor, and SAL Heavy Lift, the German-based breakbulk and project cargo specialist, commence operations with their joint venture as the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance. Combining their fleets and all commercial activities, SAL and Jumbo are gearing up to create a new powerhouse in the heavy lift sector.

This is a very proud moment for Jumbo and SAL. Both companies believe that this move propels them to a greater level of geographical outreach and commercial capacity. To serve clients worldwide, the joint venture acts as the single commercial entry point for its joint sales network of offices and agents in 20+ countries. Significantly, it handles the complete marketing of 30 highly versatile project cargo vessels with lifting capacities up to 3,000 t SWL, marking it as the largest fleet in the 800+ t sector. This ensures availability, flexibility and the right transport concept at the right time for customers seeking reliable and high quality shipping solutions.

Michael Kahn, Managing Director of Jumbo, says: “This joint venture is a big step for both of us. In the past few years, it became increasingly clear that the benefits of collaboration heavily outweigh the traditional way of doing business. Our client base and interests have changed and to remain an effective global player in our field of activity, you always need to adapt and innovate. Not only on a technical level, but also commercially. We believe that the flexibility and competences that our clients are looking for are best served by SAL’s and Jumbo’s combined assets and knowledge.”

The Jumbo-SAL-Alliance stands for the highest QHSE standards, technical excellence and commercial flexibility by offering project and semi-liner services to customers worldwide, with the goal of creating a complete maritime transport solution for both breakbulk and specialised transportation scopes around the globe.

Jens Baumgarten, Director Chartering at SAL Heavy Lift, adds: “This collaboration allows us to bring an unrivalled shipping product to market. It provides a solid answer to the needs of big contractors and EPCs as well as manufacturers and forwarders. On one side, we can handle regular or spot-market breakbulk cargoes. On the other, we have the experience and the assets to handle very large and long-term scopes, including arranging third-party tonnage or whatever is needed to make good on our ‘one-stop-shop’ promise. Simply said, we want our customers to be happy during and after each and every project. This way, they will trust us to deliver a new heavy lift solution for them the next time.”

Jumbo and SAL are highly complementary, both in terms of fleets as well as human resources, both ashore and on board, while sharing many of the same values in terms of quality, safety and solutions focus. This equality makes the joint shipping product easy to combine and market as customers can expect a quality product irrespective of the vessel executing the shipment. The companies’ traditional focus on safe operations and being a reliable partner is integral to our joint way of working.

Martin Harren, Managing Director of SAL and the Harren & Partner Group, adds: “I truly believe we are creating something extraordinary here. This strategic collaboration combines engineered transport solutions with a significant fleet of heavy lift vessels. The Jumbo-SAL-Alliance stands for the best in heavy lift shipping and in complex global transportation. We have a unique team of highly experienced people which can really create value for our customers. From engineering to full-scope project management, by combining our resources we can now provide services that literally exceed any other heavy lift service currently in the market. It’s a winner.”

The joint venture was cleared by the German competition authority earlier this month. The two companies share 90+ years of combined experience, are both family-owned and managed and are among the world’s most prominent and technically advanced heavy lift carriers. Note that both SAL and Jumbo continue as independent operators and vessel owners and both remain active brands in the market.

Felix Peinemann, VP Sales Shipping at Jumbo, states: “The Jumbo-SAL-Alliance merges the global chartering and marketing activities of both companies, creating one large, joint sales organisation. Both brands retain their market presence in addition to the new set-up. On a personal note, we have spent much time with our new colleagues in the past months, organising this joint venture, which went very well. I believe that our joint efforts have led to a solid alliance. If the level of cooperation and building relationships in the preparation phase is any measure of success, then the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance will be very successful!”

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Announcement: Jumbo and SAL intend to form joint venture

2 March 2021

SAL, the German-based breakbulk and project cargo specialist, and Jumbo, the Dutch maritime heavy lift transport and installation contractor, have announced their intention to form a joint venture.

Combining a large part of their fleets, engineering and commercial activities serves the goal of sustainable transport capacity and growth. The Jumbo-SAL-Alliance would be focused on gaining logistical efficiencies, such as joint fleet operations, and benefits for its customers, such as increased flexibility and offering customers worldwide a carefree logistics solution for both breakbulk and outsized cargoes.
The joint venture is subject to clearance by the German competition authority (‘Bundeskartellamt’) and Dutch in-company legal requirements. With the aim of obtaining formal approval, both companies have started the necessary procedures.

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Intermarine and SAL Heavy Lift say “Olá Brasil” and establish a new joint office in São Paulo

24 February 2021 | São Paulo, Brazil

An exciting new venture is about to unfold in Brazil. On March 1st 2021, Intermarine Brazil and SAL Heavy Lift Brazil will open their doors in the great South American country. By establishing a joint office, the two heavy lift shipping & logistics companies are set to strengthen their operations in South America and expand their activities within the project cargo and breakbulk sectors.

Intermarine and SAL Heavy Lift are ready to dance the samba. The two sister companies are very pleased to announce their establishment of a new joint strategic sales office in the important cargo hub of Brazil.

Staffed by seasoned commercial and chartering personnel, the new office will focus on servicing the needs of worldwide customers, supporting Intermarine’s Americas Liner Service and the heavy lift shipping activities of SAL Heavy Lift.

Svend Andersen, CEO Intermarine says: “I have done business in Brazil for more than 30 years and know the great importance of the country on the global heavy lift and break bulk scene. With our new joint establishment, we will offer our customers a local access point to a truly unique service with the combination of SAL’s global project and semi-liner services and Intermarine’s very strong Americas liner service and breakbulk business. I look forward to seeing our activities grow in Brazil with this new initiative in SãoPaulo”.

The office will be headed by Natalie Jones, a veteran in the Brazilian breakbulk and project cargo sector, where she has worked for leading carriers, including Intermarine, for more than 25 years. With a team of 5, she will take the lead in building up the new South American business base. 

Natalie Jones

Natalie Jones, General Manager, SAL / Intermarine Brazil, states; “Brazil holds plenty of opportunities – especially within the power, energy and infrastructure arenas. With the combined services of Intermarine and SAL, our team has a very strong product to market, and I look forward to growing both business and brands together with the rest of the international teams.And it feels good to be back to the great outfit where I first began my career!

Both Intermarine and SAL have considered, for quite some time, expanding its commitment to the Brazilian market as a natural steppingstone to strengthening their presence throughout the Americas.

Jens Baumgarten, Managing Director & Head of Chartering, SAL Heavy Lift, adds; “Historically, Brazil has provided plenty of attractive prospects, but our setup has lacked a base and the right resources. With our new office in SãoPaulo, I am confident that we can establish SAL as a household name in Brazil. I look forward to engage on this journey together with Natalie, the Brazil team and Intermarine.”

The office will target the growth taking place in the industrial, renewables, offshore oil and gas and power sectors in Brazil and South America in general together with the Intermarine and SAL teams in Houston and New Orleans, USA and in Hamburg, Germany.

Richard Seeg, President Intermarine, concludes; “Intermarine’s long legacy in Brazil forms the cornerstone of our activities in the region. With our new setup I am confident that we will see our break bulk activities grow together with the business activities of SAL.”

The office address and contact details is as follows:

Intermarine Brazil & SAL Heavy Lift Brazil
Rua Enxovia 472 Apt 1401
Vila SãoFrancisco, SãoPaulo – SP Brazil

Phone +55 11 3368 1670
+55 11 3368 1673

+55 11 5049 0887

About Intermarine

Intermarine, as agent for Industrial Maritime Carriers, LLC, is a leading provider of reliable liner services for the transport of project, breakbulk and heavy lift cargo in the Americas. From its US offices in Houston and New Orleans and a wide network of agency offices throughout the region, Intermarine provides weekly sailings to and from the US Gulf and Colombia, Trinidad, Guyana and Suriname with frequent regular sailings to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, Brazil, and the West Coast of South America.

For more information please visit:


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Shipping Line of the year

Look what we got! Shipping Line of the Year 2020! We are thrilled about receiving the award and thank the jury and most of all our customers, partners and friends for their trust and great cooperation during this challenging time.
Watch the official winner reveal here:

SAL acquires major stake in Intermarine and expands its business in the Americas

5 October 2020 | Houston, USA

A great new venture is ready to set sail. SAL Heavy Lift and Intermarine, two of the most recognized names in the heavy lift shipping arena, are coming together to create a yet unrivalled shipping setup within the Americas and for cross-Atlantic trade. Operating as an independent brand within the SAL Heavy Lift Group, Intermarine will tie its Americas liner service to SAL’s global heavy lift trade and in combination bring to market the most comprehensive maritime breakbulk and heavy lift solution in the Americas.

The Americas are about to see a unique project, breakbulk, and heavy lift shipping setup unfold. Intermarine and SAL Heavy Lift have for decades been synonymous with shipping excellence, yet they have served different market segments and regions. Now this association of heavy lift excellence brings together the expertise, resources and fleets of both companies and establishes a unique commercial proposition that will benefit a broad spectrum of customers, whether local or international, with shipping services to, from, and within the Americas.

For over 30 years, Intermarine has provided high-quality breakbulk liner services between North America and South America and in the Caribbean, in combination with a strong intra-South America trading network. Under the operational helm of Intermarine veterans Mr. Richard Seeg as President and Mr. Chad Call as Vice President and CFO, Intermarine will continue to serve its customers throughout the Americas as part of the SAL Heavy Lift Group. New to the management team is CEO and shareholder Mr. Svend Andersen, who, with his four decades in the breakbulk and multi-purpose sector, is one of the most influential persons in the industry. As part of Intermarine in the early days of his career, Svend is now back onboard and brings valuable strategic insight and commercial experience to the table. Together this management trio will develop the Intermarine business moving forward.

Svend Andersen, Intermarine CEO, states: “The joining of Intermarine with the SAL organization is a perfect matching of two companies which share the same basic set of values and business philosophy yet with a different fleet of vessels, resources and outreach. In combination, it makes an unmatched setup in cross-Atlantic trading and intra-Americas heavy lift shipping. I have invested in this venture, as I see great prospects in bringing the Intermarine brand and business onwards under the helm and support by SAL Heavy Lift as a top brand in the heavy lift shipping industry.”

SAL sees great value in enlarging its footprint in the Americas by offering a wider range of shipping opportunities and scope of services to both existing and new customers. With the acquisition of Intermarine, SAL’s customers can benefit from more vessels being able to operate not only in and out of South America, but also into offsite river deltas, where SAL would otherwise have had limited access. Further, Intermarine customers will get access to the highly advanced heavy lift fleet of SAL, which, as the largest operator of +900 t SWL vessels in the world, can efficiently connect cargo between Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Richard Seeg, Intermarine President, says: “Having SAL as an organization behind the activities of Intermarine brings with it a wide range of commercial opportunities. SAL holds one of the most comprehensive sales networks globally, and they also bring vessels, world-class engineering capabilities and other resources that are extremely valuable to the commercial setup of Intermarine.”
Martin Harren, SAL CEO, adds: “We have for a while been looking at expanding our services in the Americas, and with Intermarine now being part of the SAL Group, we can enable further trade across the Atlantic, combining important trade between Africa, South America, North America and Europe. We could instantly see the great synergy effects between Intermarine and SAL. When we can combine our already strong sales setup in the USA with the know-how from resources like Richard Seeg, Chad Call, and lastly Svend Andersen, who I have known and worked with for many years, I see a very powerful setup unfold.”

The Intermarine fleet consists of multi-purpose heavy lift vessels that are IMO and Lakes fitted and with lifting capacities up to 400 t SWL, which compliments well with SAL’s fleet of both ice class vessels, IMO fitted and Lakes fitted vessels, and vessels with lifting capacities up to 2000t. Together it makes a comprehensive fleet proposition for customers both inside and outside of the Americas.

The new business constellation begins commercial operation effective immediately.


About Intermarine
Intermarine, as agent for Industrial Maritime Carriers, LLC, is a leading provider of reliable liner services for the transport of project, breakbulk and heavy lift cargo in the Americas. From its US offices in Houston and New Orleans and a wide network of agency offices throughout the region, Intermarine provides weekly sailings to and from the US Gulf and Colombia, Trinidad, Guyana and Suriname with frequent regular sailings to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, Brazil, and the West Coast of South America. For more information please visit

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28 August 2020

Negotiations were in full swing during early March 2020 between SAL Heavy Lift and Total Movements Pvt Ltd through SAL’s agents in India – Sai Maritime & Management P.Ltd – for the shipment of about 5100 freight tonnes from Dahej, Gujarat to Mina Zayed for Adnoc and Antwerp for Exxon Mobil when Lockdown was suddenly announced in India due to Covid-19. All manufacturing facilities were shut down to curb the spread of Corona Virus which indefinitely delayed the shipment of 1 Convertor of 25.3 x 5.17 x 5.05 m / 415 mt from Dahej to Mina Zayed and 6 Gofiner reactors of 167 mt each along with accessories to Antwerp which was required urgently at the Refinery site.

However, it was only in end April, when manufacturing was resumed at the shippers factory at 30% capacity. The negotiations were enthusiastically resumed and a charter party contract was signed for shipment in June.

Total Movements who was responsible for turnkey movement from EX-Works to Mina Zayed & Antwerp faced considerable challenges for the movement from Manufacturing works to port due to stringent lockdown conditions when even simple things like travelling into Gujarat and getting a hotel to stay was difficult. However, Total Movements and its team overcame this challenge to move all the cargo into the port well before the arrival of the vessel. All the transportation planning and engineering was carried out by Total Movements.

The nominated performing vessel MV Frauke (SAL Type 176 – geared 2x700 mts SWL) faced rough weather enroute to Dahej due to Cyclone Nisarga and was greeted with heavy rains due to south west monsoons.

Loading was quite a challenge due to swell and tidal range of approx. 8–9 metres during low tide at Dahej port.

The Master and crew worked hard in order to complete loading in the fastest possible time. The cargo was delivered timely alongside the vessels hook by Total Movements, which facilitated a fast turnaround.

The voyage was successfully completed in the committed transit time of 35 days despite 6 port calls enroute, delay in the Suez canal crossing and COVID-19 related restrictions at every port.

A successful voyage despite challenging circumstances was possible only due to excellent teamwork and open communication between all parties involved. Daily vessel status updates and excellent co-ordination on the shoreside at ports of discharge ensured that there were no delays or detention to vessel and trailers.

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SAL HEAVY LIFT DURING COVID-19: In operation around the world for you

25 August 2020 | Hamburg

To customers and friends of the shipping community,

We at SAL are working to ensure that we can deliver your cargo around the world, despite the challenges that the global COVID-19 crisis bring upon us all. All our vessels remain fully operational and our office staff are all on the job, either in office or at home, but all dedicated to keep vessels, business, and – first and foremost – your cargo moving.

Safe and Sound

We put safety as our number one priority, which include the health and well-being of our employees. We are taking measures in accordance with recommendations from relevant authorities, making sure that we do our utmost to protect our staff whether onshore or at sea. Here is a short outline of our latest measures:

On board

Our seafarers live in a virologic microcosm on board the vessels. Regretfully, this is even more the case today, as international travel restrictions make it difficult to make any crew changes.  Nevertheless, there are measures in place to protect our many seafarers during their daily work. First and foremost, we make sure that distances are kept and that only limited contact takes place with shore people when our vessels are in port. In contrast to our usually open and welcoming approach on board, we aim to keep any visits to an absolute minimum, and ask for your kind understanding that we cannot accommodate visitors on our vessels for the time being. If on-board attendance cannot be avoided, we ask all visitors to register their visit early so that individual risk assessments can be done and any mitigation measures based on purpose and extend of the visit. While on board our vessels we ask everyone to comply with the safety rules and to keep distance to one another. We keep the right to reject any visitors who do not comply with our hygiene and safety regulations on board. As a general measure, there are sanitation protocols in place, and crews receive regular instructions on the latest preventative and hygiene measures.

In port

Due to the many quarantine restrictions that have been put in place by governments around the world, our vessels can be exposed to longer waiting times at ports. We put our greatest efforts into our vessel planning following the latest updates from governments, to minimize our exposure delays caused by COVID-19 regulations.
We will do our best to keep you updated on ports and vessel schedules which could impact your cargo shipments. We are available at all times if you wish to talk to us.

In office

The SAL Group is not one single office, but rather teams of dedicated people working across continents and time zones. Our offices are adjusting to their own situation as their governments dictate, but with a full contingency plan in place to keep themselves healthy, and fully functioning – whether in office or working from home. We have taken the necessary measures to ensure that our staff remains fully operational, also outside the office.
We wish you all to stay safe and sound and remain at your disposal - ready to respond to your business enquiries.

Kind regards,
Your SAL Heavy Lift Team

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26 May 2020 | Tuticorin, India

SAL Heavy Lift successfully loaded longest windmill blade of 72.4 metres from Tuticorin to Germany exported by NORDEX India Pvt.Ltd.

MV Maria was booked to load the windmill blade and she arrived on time at Tuticorin port on 26th May, 2020 and berthed on arrival. Loading was completed in two hours and after completion of all lashing / securing the vessel sailed on 27th May, 2020.

This is the longest blade to be loaded out from India and another milestone for SAL Heavy Lift who regularly transport wind turbine equipment around the world.

We thank the Tuticorin port authorities for their support to berth the vessel on arrival.

Also thank the vessel’s crew, our local agents SAI Maritime and the stevedoring team for their efficiency.

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SAL Heavy Lift showcases its offshore capabilities with the Greater Changhua Test Pile Project in Taiwan

10 March 2020 | Hamburg

2019 proved to be an important year for SAL Heavy Lift when it came to offshore installation projects. As a highlight the Greater Changhua Test Pile Project in the waters off Taiwan stands out – a project SAL Heavy Lift completed over 3 months together with main contractor Per Aarsleff A/S. It was a complex project whereby SAL could utilize its experience in offshore test piling to ensure a successful project. Making use of MV Lone’s large deck space and a newly installed Fly-Jib, the vessel served as the perfect DP installation platform.

It was SAL’s track record in offshore test piling for offshore wind farms that secured the Greater Changhua Test Pile Project from the Danish engineering and construction house Per Aarsleff A/S. The Greater Changhua Offshore Windfarm is an offshore wind site in the Taiwan Strait ca. 50 km off the coast of Taiwan, which is being developed by Ørsted A/S the Danish utility giant and the holder of the largest offshore wind portfolio in the world. 

SAL was subcontracted for the provision of a DP2 installation vessel, the MV Lone, and to perform pile installation and testing work as part of the pre-piling phase of the project. As the soil of the seabed on the project site had to be ensured, a test foundation was installed on designated locations around the project site. In water depths of 35 m – 40 m, six piles with a length of up to 80m were hammered into the seabed though a special Pile Guide Frame.

To realize the project, a substantial preparation phase was set in motion which turned into the largest mobilization of a vessel in the history of SAL. To be able to lift the long piles vertically, a jib extension to one of the cranes of MV Lone had to be designed, manufactured, installed and tested. This resulted in the Fly-Jib installation on crane no. 2 on Lone which provides up to 23m extra jib length.

The vessel had to be equipped with Temporary Living Quarters (TLQs) and additional lifeboats to be able to host up to 100 people that would be onboard during the project execution. To operate as an offshore installation vessel with so many people on board, MV Lone had to also change its certification from cargo vessel to become a Special Purpose Ship (SPS).

The mobilization took place in Singapore during Spring 2019, where no less than 3 additional SAL vessels supplied the necessary project equipment from both Rotterdam, Shanghai and Esbjerg to the MV Lone. This included, in addition to the Fly-Jib and TLQs, the “Pile Guide Frame” and a special “Load Beam”, both designed and manufactured by Per Aarsleff A/S as well as various purpose built testing equipment, lifting- and handling equipment, the pile driving spread, survey equipment and the ROV spread. In the project port in Taichung, Taiwan six piles were collected, before locating the vessel to the offshore site.

The full test campaign comprised two phases with the tests being performed at two locations.

During the first phase between May and July 2019, two sets of three piles, with a unit weight of up to 140t each, were installed through the Pile Guide Frame at target locations to their required depths.

After a standby period, the second phase taking place during August 2019, involved static and dynamic testing on selected piles on the seabed. These tests provided the engineers from Ørsted with the necessary data to optimize pile design for the planned wind farm.

At the end of the project phase, the installed piles had to be decommissioned from the seabed, making use of a special cutting tool and then lifted back onto the deck of MV Lone transporting them back to shore for recycling.   

With a successful execution completed Project Manager, Peter Munk, Per Aarsleff A/S stated: “The crew of Lone and the SAL Project Team did an outstanding job. We are very impressed with the performance and the results we obtained. It has been a great pleasure to work with the SAL team on this challenging project. Arguably of more importance is the HSE performance which has been excellent”.

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SAL adds further to its digitalization strategy and appoints spearhead

13 January 2020 | Hamburg

SAL Heavy Lift is taking further steps to strengthen and develop its digital landscape by creating a new executive function that focusses on Information Technology and Digitalization.

With the dawn of the new year, SAL is taking action to ensure its further growth strategy, by strengthening its efforts towards digitalization. SAL and owners Harren & Partner have appointed Claas Matthies, Managing Director, as the new group Chief Information Officer (CIO). He takes on the leadership of the group’s digital strategy combined with responsibility for Group Accounting and Merger & Acquisition activities.

“Digitalization of business processes is becoming an ever more competitive parameter and we see great potential in developing our digital landscape even further from today. As a modern and dynamic shipping group, information technology plays a vital role in our further growth and development. I am happy to see Claas taking on this challenge in combination with his other activities within Group accounting and our M&A activities,” states Dr. Martin Harren, CEO, SAL Heavy Lift.

This move aims to contribute to the increased profit growth and strategic development of SAL and Harren & Partner. Alongside this new position comes the appointment of a new Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO), in the form of Mr. Soeren Bibow who joins SAL and Harren & Partner after a more than 20-year long career with leading German corporate banking institutions at which he oversaw shipping and maritime investments.

Dr. Martin Harren goes on to state: “We are extremely pleased to see Soeren joining our management team. His tremendous experience and wide-ranging connections to the international banking world, paired with deep knowledge about Corporate Finance and Controlling, underlines that Soeren will play a key role in developing and executing on our strategic growth targets.”

Soeren Bibow will take on the responsibility for the areas Financing, Treasury and Controlling and be part of the Group Executive Team.

“I look forward to being part of this highly experienced and motivated team and to take on the future challenges and the great work that lies ahead of us. I relish the task of continuing the successful development of SAL and Harren & Partner,” says Soeren Bibow.
The appointments were effective as of 6th January 2020.

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SAL adds three heavy lift vessels to its fleet

17 December 2019 | Hamburg

SAL Heavy Lift is happy to announce that it will expand its fleet with three heavy lift vessels with 800 t lifting capacity in early 2020. They will come to serve breakbulk and heavy lift clients on world markets via SAL's well known Semi-Liner Service, but will also potentially offer new service options.

When the new year 2020 dawns, SAL will see its fleet expanding with three vessels – an addition that aims to strengthen its semi-liner service and underline SAL as a leading player in the heavy lift and project cargo segment. The vessels will enter the SAL fleet as type “171” following the long tradition of categorizing vessels at SAL.
The vessels are reliable workhorses of the well-known and commonly recognized P1 Type design. They are geared with two 400 t SWL cranes capable of lifting up to 800 tons in tandem plus an additional 120 t SWL crane. They will service clients along SAL’s main trade lanes between Europe and the Far East, but also SAL’s more recently introduced Africa service.

Karsten Behrens, Director, SAL Engineering; “The Type 171 vessels come with certain technical features such as ice class E3, equivalent to Finnish/Swedish 1A – amongst the highest in the industry.”

The vessels can operate in arctic areas and SAL will now offer Northeast passage transits when suitable.

Karsten Behrens continues; “The vessels also have very high crane pedestals which provide a much greater lifting height, in fact amongst the best in our fleet. In combination with the strong hydraulic hatch covers and large box-shaped holds with multi-ple tween deck configurations, it gives us an array of options when taking break bulk cargo onboard.”

Sebastian Westphal, CTO, SAL Heavy Lift adds; “The vessels are, as the rest of our fleet, equipped with reliable high-quality machinery. With cranes from TTS-NMF, main engines from MAN and MacGregor hatch covers, the vessels are built with equipment with which we have tremendous experience. Despite obvious design dif-ferences with our other vessels the Type 171 will be reliable work tools in our fleet and will add value.”

SAL is strengthening its fleet during a time when a greater part of its existing heavy lift fleet is engaged in renewable and oil & gas projects.
Dr. Martin Harren, CEO, SAL Heavy Lift says; "I am very happy that we have been able to add these vessels to our heavy lift fleet. This way SAL will be able to service clients who may at times look for ships that can take larger volumes of cargo in combination with heavy lift items. With SAL Engineering providing the engineering solutions and our SAL crew manning the vessels, we continue to offer our well-known SAL quality and know-how, but on a larger scale – something that I am sure clients, both new and existing, will come to appreciate.”

“MV Hanna”, “MV Klara” and “MV Lisa” will join the SAL fleet in the first quarter of 2020. These names represent family members of the former owner Heino Winter Group which will continue to handle the technical ship management of the three vessels.
Dr. Martin Harren concludes: “We have a long-lasting relation with the Winter family, and I am happy to see their continued involvement with these three ‘large ladies’.”

Further details, including specific take over dates and more information about the vessels can be found here on our website.

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SAL Heavy Lift becomes world’s first to equip vessels with new hydrogen / methanol injection technology

11 December 2019 | Hamburg

SAL Heavy Lift sets itself as a green-tech front runner and becomes the first shipping company in the world to adopt a new hydrogen/methanol technology to its fleet. With significant emission reductions in terms of CO2, SOx, NOx and other particles, the injection technology developed by FUELSAVE GmbH paves the way for making shipping greener and more energy efficient.

After more than four years of close cooperation, testing and development between SAL and FUELSAVE GmbH, alongside project stakeholders EcoTune Marine, Classification Society DNV GL as RO for Antigua and Barbuda flag, Carl Baguhn, MAN Energy solutions, M.A.C. System Solutions, AVL and last but not least the flag state administration of Germany, the new and advanced FS MARINE+ hydrogen / methanol injection solution is now entering the next stage of validation, after which it will find its way to six SAL vessels as a permanent installation.

By dynamically injecting a mix of hydrogen, oxygen, water and methanol into selected parts of the air intake of both the main engine and the auxiliary engines, the FS MARINE+ system ensures a much cleaner and thorough combustion process, resulting in reduced primary fuel consumption alongside lowering emissions and air pollution.

“SAL has always been a frontrunner when it comes to innovation and we are dedicated to make shipping more efficient and cleaner by using technologies that creates a long-lasting effect”; says Sebastian Westphal, CTO of SAL Heavy Lift.
He continues: “We have tested a prototype on a generator engine of our MV Annette over more than two years with very convincing results. The FS MARINE+ system not only achieved significant fuel savings, but also emission and air pollution reductions which was verified by 3rd parties both during field trials and in laboratory tests."

Marc Sima, CEO of FUELSAVE GmbH comments; “We are proud to have SAL Heavy Lift GmbH as our customer, and help them to become the most innovative, efficient and sustainable shipping company within their field. With this system we are driving the clean fuel transition with a high impact solution. It can optimize the energy consumption and the environmental impact significantly irrespective of what fuel type you operate your vessel with. Thus, it is applicable with MDO, MGO, HFO, LSFO as well as LNG. We are looking forward together with SAL to take a lead in supporting the shipping industry in its efforts to become more environmentally sustainable."

By investing millions of dollars into retrofitting the system to the main engines and auxiliary engines on existing vessels it may appear that SAL is taking a big financial bet, but the results in terms of savings and payback time proves quite the opposite. Jakob Christiansen, Naval Architect and Head of SAL's Fleet Development Team, states: “We ran the system for two years without a single incident and obtained results that matched the promised numbers. So, we see a technology that meets our green ambitions while also reducing the technical operating costs of the ships”.

The FS MARINE+ generator has proven to make average reductions of 10% less CO2, 15% less SOx, 30-80% less NOx and 40% less particle emissions.
SAL’s MV Trina is the first vessel to be retrofitted with the FS MARINE+ system in Q1 2020. Following a successful system integration on MV Trina, five more vessels will follow – ready to pave the way for a greener & more energy efficient shipping service.

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IMO 2020 – low Sulphur regulation

9 July 2019 | Hamburg

– Letter to Shippers –

Implications of and response to new fuel regulations in the shipping industry

Dear Shipper / Valued Client,

On 1st January 2020 all of us involved in the shipping industry will be part of the biggest single change ever to confront us – the introduction of IMO 2020 – The Sulphur Cap.

The aim of this new regulation is to reduce the amount of Sulphur oxide (SOx) released into the atmosphere which will bring health benefits to all of us. All ships in the world are affected, no matter the ship type, and all Carriers will have to comply.

So, what are the choices?
To meet the SOx cap Carriers – outside of the already established ECA areas – have 2 options:

  1. Use a low Sulphur fuel containing max 0.5% Sulphur – MGO / LSFO / ULSFO
  2. Install a scrubber on board washing out the Sulphur content but allowing continuing use of high Sulphur HFO

How do we evaluate the choices?
Scrubbers are expensive but enable the Carrier to continue using HFO just as they always have. But, scrubbers – as well as requiring additional energy to operate them – produce a physical toxic by-product that must be collected on board and then disposed of either at sea or at a cost, in port. Disposing at sea simply shifts the polluting chemicals from the air to the sea. Disposal on land could mean either burning it or landfill. Either way, the benefits of on-board SOx reductions are quickly offset by the production of another more concentrated pollutant.
Consuming low Sulphur fuel is more expensive than HFO, but emissions are immediately compliant and there is no toxic by-product.

So, what will be SAL’s response?
At SAL, we have been considering both options very carefully. The Scrubber option may offer you – the Shipper – a short term commercial benefit but will do little to reduce pollution and waste. Low Sulphur fuels will be more expensive but will also more readily fulfil the objective of lowering our impact on the environment.

This is why at SAL we have decided to adopt the low Sulphur fuel option and will start the transition process from 1st October 2019 in order that by 1st Jan 2020 all our ships will be fully compliant.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and we look forward to building a sustainable future together.

With kind regards,
Justin Archard

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Phillip Brown joins SAL Heavy Lift in USA

14 June 2019 | Houston TX, USA

It is with pleasure that SAL Heavy Lift GmbH and their American subsidiary SAL Heavy Lift Inc. announce the appointment of Mr. Phillip Brown as Vice President – Projects, to the Houston based sales team. Commencing 1st July 2019 Phillip with his extensive knowledge of the U.S. project transport segment will add considerable strength to SAL’s chartering and marketing activities.

Formerly Global Chartering Manager at Global EPC, Fluor Corp., and with a BSc. in Maritime Administration, Phillip is uniquely experienced in understanding the demands of the EPC community. This experience will significantly contribute to SAL’s relentless pursuit of providing industry leading client focused service.
Anders Hyrup, President SAL Heavy Lift Inc. states: “Phillip will be a great asset to our team – his skillset suits our company and the services we market very well. It was clear from our first talk with Phillip that his approach to shipping logistics and value-based service mind-set fits our team perfectly. I know we will benefit tremendously for having Phillip onboard and I am excited to see him joining the team in a few weeks.”

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SAL Heavy Lift fly high with new crane extension – the Fly-Jib

June 2019 | Hamburg

“The sky is the limit” – SAL Heavy Lift is ready to reach further and lift higher with its latest acquisition – a highly configurable crane boom extension that with its modular design offer clients unrivalled lifting height and applicability. The so-called Fly-Jib is designed for the cranes of SAL’s Type 183 vessels (MV Lone & MV Svenja) and can be installed to each of their main cranes’ booms.

MV Lone is the first vessel in the SAL fleet to proudly carry this exciting new piece of equipment.

Sheer excitement was present when SAL witnessed its latest and greatest tool investment – the Fly-Jib – being mounted on to the aft crane of its mighty heavy lift vessel MV Lone. The new Fly-Jib which makes the crane hook towering some 70m high up in the air is a significant step forward for SAL in its heavy lift offering to clients in both offshore renewables and oil & gas markets.

With the much greater lifting height and further outreach, SAL’s new Fly-Jib can meet clients demands when units become ever bigger and where one faces requirements to lift long components vertically – e.g. with offshore wind equipment. A challenge SAL faces just now with an offshore piling project.

Sune Thorleifsson, Head of Marine Projects, SAL states; “Our Fly-Jib has long been on our wish list, but when a client recently approached us with the requirement to support on driving piles into the seabed for an offshore wind project, and the piles be-ing so long that it was otherwise not possible to upend them for installation, we saw the opportunity to realise this long term dream”. 

SAL Heavy Lift’s sister company SAL Engineering has worked intensively with crane maker TTS-NMF to design and develop a Fly-Jib that can suit a wide array of scopes, hence a dismountable and modular design was conceived.

Karsten Behrens, Director, SAL Engineering explains; “We worked for a long time on various designs together with TTS-NMF – the manufacturer of the cranes on our Type 183 vessels. It was essential that in addition to strong lifting capabilities, that it could be configurable in various modes hence adding to its applicability in various working scopes. Therefore, the Fly-Jib can be configured in a long (23 m) or a short (13 m) set-up and is adjustable in three different angles. It is designed to be interchangeable be-tween our Type 183 vessels and can, with modifications to the existing jib, be in-stalled on each of the cranes”.

The Fly-Jib is designed to withstand the forces occurring during a sea voyage and can be installed using only the vessels existing cranes.

Sebastian Westphal, Corporate Director – Ship Management & Engineering adds; “It has been a significant achievement from the entire team behind, from design to manufacturing and then later to installation during a project’s vessel mobilization. It is great to see now that the concept works so well in reality and that the installation procedure of mounting the Fly-Jib onto the existing crane boom proceeded quickly and with no compromise on quality – it is no small thing that you attach. The lifting capabilities the vessel gains with it are tremendous. It will be used many times in the months to come during an offshore wind project and certainly in a number of projects thereafter.”

For work with offshore wind equipment or within oil & gas, SAL can with their new Fly-Jib support a wide array of assignments.  Now equipped on the DPII vessel MV Lone with her two 1000 t SWL cranes, large open deck, a cavernous cargo hold, SPS certification and an unrivalled speed of up to 20 kts proves as a powerful and very versatile package to meet the demands of some of the most extreme challenges in the industry today.

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Buongiorno! SAL Heavy Lift, Italy

SAL Heavy Lift and Intermare Group Create – SAL Heavy Lift, Italy

30 April 2019

SAL Heavy Lift GmbH and Genoa based Intermare Group is very happy to announce the appointment of SAL Heavy Lift, Italy as the official representative for SAL in the Italian market.

Commencing 1st of May 2019, SAL Heavy Lift, Italy will open its doors to existing and new clients and will be greeted by the familiar faces of Mr. Marco Campodonico, Mr. Mauro Morasso, and Mr. Paolo Boccoleri who with more than 75 years of experience between them are the perfect people to extend even further the presence and reputation of SAL in Italy.

Giorgio Morasso, President of Intermare Group, says: “It is our honor in helping SAL Heavy Lift, Italy come to life. SAL has been part of our family and our company for a great many years. We know each other well and we trust each other, and by making this step together we join our family with the SAL family and we look forward to a long and successful future together."

SAL has also recently successfully established a similar entity in Spain that together with Italy offers shippers a focal point that clearly profiles the brand and the service that it represents in the local market.

Justin Archard, Chief Operating Officer of SAL Heavy Lift, adds: “Following on from establishing our Spanish entity SAL Heavy Lift, Spain it became quickly apparent that the format was more in demand than we realised. Italy was a logical next step and because we have shared so much over the years with Intermare and the Morasso family, and because there is a mutual respect, the choice was an easy one to make. I wish SAL Heavy Lift, Italy every success."
SAL Heavy Lift, Italy will reside in Genoa, Italy.

Contact information:
SAL Heavy Lift, Italy Paganini 39/2
16125 Genoa

Tel. +39 01024951

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SAL Heavy Lift delivers bridge sections from China to Norway

January 2019 | Nantong, China – Malm, Norway

SAL Heavy Lift delivers 12 bridge sections for the Beitstadsundbrua bridge from China to Norway. The final bridge is part of the largest road construction project in northern Trøndelag, will measure 580 m in length and will connect the municipalities of Steinkjer and Malm, crossing the Beitstadfjorden. The bridge will make travelling between northern parts of Trøndelag county considerably safer as well as reduce travelling time significantly.


In a mountainous country like Norway, which is cut apart by deep fjords, bridge building is a virtue of necessity. Today there are over 18,000 bridges, summing up to 446 km and each with an average length of 250 m, spread across Norway. The latest addition will be the 580 m long “Beitstadsundbrua”.
Connecting the municipalities of Steinkjer and Malm, whilst crossing the Beitstadfjorden, the Beitstadsundbrua will not only be longer than the average bridge in Norway, but also ensure increased road safety and accessibility. All whilst helping locals to cut down travel times and benefiting the local economy and environment.

“The new County Road (FV 17 and 720) including Beitstadsundet Bridge, will eliminate the distance challenges the region has. The new road and bridge significant increases the municipality of Verran’s opportunities to further develop existing industries and attract new industry. The municipality is now, due to the new road and bridge, in dialogue with industrial companies exploiting establishment of industry in Verran”, states Jacob Almlid, Special Advisor Industry & Commerce at Verran Kommune.

SAL’s heavy lift vessel MV Trina (Type 176) was appointed to support the construction of the new bridge by shipping twelve bridge sections from Nantong, China to Malm, Norway. All twelve sections weigh a total of 2800 t, with the heaviest unit weighing 426 t (73.8 x 9 x 5.8 m) and the longest unit measuring 75 x 5.9 x 5.8 m (327 t).

With a total of four single lifts and eight tandem lifts, the SAL experts were able to stow all twelve bridge sections in two layers under deck, and another layer on deck of the vessel.

“It only took us 35 days to directly sail to Malm from Nantong in China,” Sune Thorleifsson, Head of Projects at SAL explains, “despite the unique conditions in the port of Malm, with an only 20 metre wide jetty and two metres tidal range, it took just six days until we were able to successfully and smoothly deliver 20,668 cbm of cargo to our client.” Due to local port regulations all twelve bridge sections were directly discharged onto SPMT’s, 25 metres away from alongside the vessel. A tailor-made mooring arrangement contributed to the success of the discharging operations.

“During the period of discharge of the bridge segments to the Beitstadsundet Bridge, onto SPMT's for transport to Fosdalen-Industrier AS's assembly site, we experienced a good and professional collaboration with SAL”, says Terje Skjevik, Owner & CEO of Fosdalen-Industrier AS, “we are very satisfied with the overall performance, on HSE, on technical and on schedule. All parties knew the challenging environment for the discharge, in spite of these challenges the operation and collaboration was excellent.”

Thanks to the detailed preparation work, which was done in close cooperation between SAL and their general agent in Norway Messers. Alex Birger Grieg AS, the last bridge section was successfully discharged early January 2019. Installation works are planned to start around Easter. The entire road building project, which involves building new and improved roads between the towns of Sprova, Malm and Dyrstad will be finished and open to public by the end of 2019.

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SAL Heavy Lift, Spain opens its doors

SAL Heavy Lift and Davila Group come together to establish SAL Heavy Lift, Spain

1 April 2019

SAL Heavy Lift GmbH is proud to announce that together with its Spanish business partner Grupo Davila (Davila Group), a new entity has been formed to represent SAL in the Spanish market. As of 1 April 2019, SAL Heavy Lift, Spain will open its doors to Spanish clients.

In charge will be Sr. Carlos Claramunt Lebrón – a familiar name to many, who brings 15 years of commercial and technical experience in the maritime industry to the role.

Eduardo Davila, President of Davila Group, says: “I am honored to have SAL as a close business partner and to be able to present SAL Heavy Lift, Spain to the Spanish market. We share the same passion for shipping and both companies represents the best of shipping within our respective fields. I am confident that with the closer ties we are creating between us, we will provide the best possible service to our clients wherever they are in Spain.”

The concept is a new one to both SAL and Davila. It takes the most relevant elements of each company to create a dedicated and client focused service offering in the local market.

Justin Archard, Chief Operating Officer of SAL Heavy Lift, explains: “With Davila Group, we saw the right partner to advance this concept. We have worked with the Davila Group and family for a long time, and the timing and opportunity for this step suited us both. Davila has been a significant part of the Spanish shipping industry for more than 100 years and I have no doubt that we have the best possible partner to help develop the SAL brand in the Spanish market.”

Carlos Claramunt Lebrón:
15 years of experience within the maritime sector, 5 years in heavy lift shipping. A qualified Naval Architect. Carlos can connect sales and marketing with deep technical knowledge and understanding. SAL Heavy Lift, Spain will reside in Madrid.

Contact information:
SAL Heavy Lift, Spain
Paseo de la Castellana 8, 28046 Madrid, Spain
Tel. +34 914 361977

About Grupo Davila
The Davila Group is a family owned company whose origins date back to its parent company Joaquin Davila & Cia, which was founded in 1917. The Davila Group is a Spanish based company with more than 100 years of experience in the Spanish maritime sector, and with a strong international presence in South America.
The Group’s main services include amongst others: a network of agencies dedicated to the representation of tramp and liner vessels, the managing and development of container and reefer terminals, reparation and maintenance of dry and reefer containers,
project cargo and container forwarding focused in all the different areas of the supply chain, customs agents with special focus in perishable cargo, mega yacht management and brokerage and their own Marina located in Vigo which includes one of the best known restaurants in the city.
The key of the Group’s success resides in its qualified team of professionals and a personalized service to fit customer’s needs.

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SAL completes Horns Rev 3 project

November 2018 | Aalborg, Denmark / Vlissingen, The Netherlands – Esbjerg, Denmark

MV Lone has successfully delivered 49 TP’s of 530 tons each to the Horns Rev 3 project. Due to the exceptional height of the TP’s – 32.27 metres –, a tailor-made TP lifting tool had to be designed by SAL Engineering to replace the usual crane hook.

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SAL Heavy Lift repeats success by signing Horns Rev 3 shipments

13 June 2018 | Hamburg, Germany

SAL Heavy Lift repeats success by signing contract for shipment of a total of 49 transition pieces for the Horns Rev 3 Offshore Wind Farm. The contract has been signed with GeoSea NV, and underlines SAL’s performance and significant track record in the technical heavy lift transport market for complex offshore wind projects.

Once again, SAL Heavy Lift is proud to announce another success in the offshore wind project market, by signing the contract for transporting 49 transition pieces (TPs) for the Horns Rev 3 project. The assignment compiles transportation of TPs from fabrication yards in Aalborg, Denmark and Vlissingen, Netherlands to the project port of Esbjerg in Denmark. SAL’s ability to meet a very demanding project schedule made the decisive factor for GeoSea. Within a very short time, SAL must prepare a full HSSE and Quality plan, create the technical design and finalize the engineering work, execute procurement as well as fabrication of five TP grillages and one lifting tool and get the vessel ready to load the first units.

Philip Stackmann, Project Manager – SAL, explains: “We are proud that GeoSea placed their trust in us for this time-critical project. Looking at a tight time schedule, we draw on past experience and expertise to ensure a safe and successful project. With our ready-made designs for TP grillages and TP lifting tools, which can be modified to the specific needs of our clients, it was possible to meet the demanding requirements of our client.”

GeoSea NV awarded SAL the job, following the contracting of the ongoing Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm project which SAL also undertake for the Belgian marine engineering house.

Justin Archard, Corporate Director – Commercial, states: “Being trusted as business partner for such an important project by GeoSea (DEME Group), shows that SAL is a state of the art technical heavy lift carrier, and adds to our successful track record in this business segment. I am proud that GeoSea chose to contract SAL again.”

This project follows an already extensive list of similar projects that SAL Heavy Lift has executed for construction companies within the offshore wind industry. Starting with the transportation of 68 transition pieces (TPs) to the Veja Mate offshore wind farm in the summer of 2016, following a long engagement transporting 87 monopiles (MPs) and TPs for the Walney Extension offshore wind farm into mid-2017, up to the recent transport of 174 MPs and 68 TPs for Hornsea Project One shows a significant track record in this business segment. Now SAL’s MV Lone will conduct the TP transport for Horns Rev 3.

Each of the 49 TPs measures 32.27 metres in height, has a dimension of 7.12 metres and has a unit weight of 530 tons. The project will start early July and run for a period of approximately 65 days.

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SAL Africa Service to Commence 1 April 2018

26 March 2018 | Hamburg, Germany

SAL Heavy Lift announces a brand new regular service linking West, South and East Africa with North Europe, the Arabian Gulf and Indian sub-Continent.

SAL Heavy Lift is pleased to announce a new regular Africa service in response to the quickly developing oil and gas, refining and transport infrastructure sectors, particularly in West Africa.
Scheduled to provide clients a minimum of two sailings per month in each direction via The Cape of Good Hope, SAL’s famous service quality will now reach even further and offer clients even more options including calls to either North/South America or Australia on inducement.
SAL views a regular Africa service as a logical extension of its existing regular North Europe to Far East service (via Suez) which has been providing clients with high quality engineered shipping services for over 35 years.
Jürgen Kuntz, Head of the Africa Chartering Desk at SAL says of the move: “At SAL our reputation for strong, reliable and effective solutions is well-established. We have considerable knowledge of African operations and excellent partners across the Continent and we hope to build on this with our new venture; not only by offering shipping services but as well providing logistics capabilities and technical, on-site support and consultancy through our sister company, SAL Engineering.”

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Hornsea One – Building on a good foundation

174 monopiles and 68 transition pieces for North Sea wind park

January/February 2018 | Germany/Denmark – UK

With the transport of 174 monopiles and 68 transition pieces for the Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm, one of the largest (greenfield) offshore wind farm development in the world, SAL continues the strong track record as technical heavy lift transport supplier to complex offshore wind projects.

SAL’s MV Svenja transports the foundations from fabrication yards in Rostock (Germany) as well as Aalborg (Denmark) to the feeder port in Tees (United Kingdom). Part of the scope is also direct transshipments to GeoSeas installation vessels MV Innovation and MV Sea Installation which adds another technical element to the project execution.
Due to the extraordinary high weight of the MPs, the SAL Engineering team developed a modified seafastening and implemented special lifting equipment from former projects. This highlights the flexibility and sustainable planning of our services to cope with the future requirements in the offshore wind market.
The MPs are resting in special designed saddles while being transported horizontally. A challenge to overcome is the flow of shipments between TPs and MPs, which will change along with the installation sequence of the foundations. This means that MV Svenja will have to rapidly change transport setup between vertical and horizontal shipments of units. Time is essential, but SAL has already shown its capabilities for meeting such a project scope.

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