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Whether it is offshore wind equipment or oil & gas units, SAL can with their Fly-Jib extension support a wide array of assignments. The Fly-Jib extension is designed for the cranes of SAL's Type 183 vessels MV Lone and MV Svenja. It can be installed to each of their main cranes' booms and can be configured in a long (23 m) or a short (13 m) set-up. With a much greater lifting height and further outreach, SAL's new Fly-Jib can meet clients demands when units become bigger and where one faces requirements to lift long components vertically. 


More crane height, greater outreach

Short configuration: 13 metres, maximum SWL of 625 tons
Long configuration: 23 metres, maximum SWL of 500 tons

Others: Dismountable and interchangeable between Type 183 vessels


A versatile marine platform for installation and transportation

DPII Heavy Lift vessel MV Lone

  • Possibility to add additional living quarters for up to 100 persons (SPS certified)
  • 2 x 1000 tons SWL, combinable up to 2000 tons SWL
  • Over 3500 square metres of unobstructed deck space
  • Equipped with DP II
  • 20 knots sailing speed
  • Multi-layer storage options with retractable hatch covers and tween deck opportunities in cargo hold

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SAL Fly-Jib Flyer

pdf (2 MB)

SAL Fly-Jib Flyer