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MA-D6 Oil Field Project


MV Annette and 2 more SAL vessels


Offshore equipment incl. umbilicals and risers, a STP system, 9 anchor piles, 1 manifold foundation suction anchor, 1 production manifold


MA-D6 Oil Field Project


Production manifold: 330 t


Europe and Asia 


Krishna Godavari Basin, Bay of Bengal South East offshore Kakinada/India


  •  A linear winch was installed to enable the lowering and wet handshaking of the manifold below sea level
  • Manifold was lowered 87 m below sea level and was taken over by anchor handling tug for installation on sea bed
  • Numerous modifications on the vessel: strengthening of the shipside for dynamic load of 1000 t, design of a special underwater traverse, construction of a linear winch platform

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