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Veja Mate Offshore Wind Farm


MV Trina

  • 67 Transition Pieces
  • Anode Cages
  • Additional cargo

365.5 t (TP)

Total volume

108,674 cbm


Aalborg, Denmark


Eemshaven, Netherlands


  • Special designed lifting tool
  • Twelve consecutive voyages

For the Veja Mate Offshore Wind Farm Project, MV Trina was engaged to transport Transition Pieces (TP) from the construction site in Aalborg, Denmark, to Eemshaven, the Netherlands. The wind farm is located in the German North Sea. It consists of 67 wind turbines, each with a capacity of six megawatts and a rotor diameter of 154 metres.
In twelve consecutive voyages, MV Trina transported 67 Transition Pieces together with corresponding platforms and anode cages. For this long-term contract, the Type 176 vessel was mobilized in Stralsund, Germany. All hatch covers and tween decks were discharged for the 22-metre-high cargo. Special grillages were welded onto the bottom of the hold to ensure a stable and safe positioning of the TP’s. For the loading, SAL developed a special lifting tool, which was able to grab each Piece safely within the customer’s requirements.
A particular challenge in this transport was the lifting height: The items had to be lifted vertically from pier into the cargo hold with the ship’s cranes. Sufficient planning and calculation ensured that the tight space between lower edge and deck’s surface did not cause trouble for the team involved.



SAL Heavy Lift – Renewables Brochure

April 2018

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