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Kitchen Lights Unit #3


MV Svenja


Cook Inlet, Alaska

  • Monopod (45 x 26 m), Transition piece
  • Topside (33 x 30 x 27 m)
  • Helideck
  • 1000 t (Monopod)
  • 700 t (Topside)
Scope of work
  • Rent and install an adjustable mooring system to guarantee accurate positioning in strong tidal currents
  • King Pole to be driven into seabed by hydro hammer
  • Lowering monopod to seabed (delivery by barge, additional preparations on deck)
  • Installation of Topside and Helideck


  • Strong tidal currents
  • US Jones Act: vessel was not allowed to move as soon as American cargo was hanging on cranes/on board the vessel
  • Topside could only be lifted during high tide with an extremely tight single hook lift with very small tolerances
  • Highly technical and complex installation of the offshore platform


Case Study

Case Study – KLU (Kitchen Lights Unit #3)

pdf (3 MB)