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Our heavy lift vessels have deck lengths of up to 128.5 m and hold lengths of 107 m, making them perfectly suited transporting long and heavy items such as:

  • Blades
  • Tower sections
  • Monopiles
  • Hubs
  • Nacelles

Our ability to load and discharge using each ship's own gear lets us supply ports that lack shore cranes.

For information on offshore renewables, please visit Offshore Renewables.


Horns Rev 3

Transition Pieces (TPs)

Hornsea One

Monopiles, Transition Pieces, Anode Cages

Walney Extension Project

Transition Pieces & Monopiles, Tower Sections & Blades

Veja Mate Offshore Wind Farm

Transition Pieces, Anode Cages

Ormonde Windfarm Project

30 wind mills incl. nacelles, hubs, blades, tower sections


SAL Heavy Lift – Renewables Brochure

April 2018

pdf(8 MB)